Monday, December 6, 2010

Catching up...

It's been a little while since I last wrote...

School has been crazy! I enrolled at UW-Waukesha to take some Gen-Ed classes. I now know I want to pursue a degree in communications, but for what I'm still not certain.

I've recently joined the To Write Love On Her Arms street team, which is definitely a new experience. It's basically an organization that is dedicated to promoting hope and finding help for people who are struggling with self injury, suicidal tendencies and any form of addictions, which I find incredibly noble.

As I'm sure there will be plenty of blogs about that in the future I'll save that topic for later.

Lately I have been learning about trusting God quite a lot. The virtue of patience has never been a strong suit for me and so this whole process of moving and timing is really stretching me.

Oh! I didn't mention that yet! I am moving back to Oshkosh to go back to school! :) It has been something in the corner of my mind ever since I left the campus... I am very excited to get back.

Upon being back in school I realized how much I missed it. I miss the classes, the opportunity to learn something new each day, to choose your schedule, to get involved with causes (and there are so many to choose from!)

I'll be living on my own for the first time. Working part time, school part time. I still don't have a place yet and the move is happening in about a month. Yikes! Like I said, trusting that God will provide is a little bit difficult since things aren't exactly working on my ideal time table.

I also am learning to trust Him, not only with the details of my life, but with the lives of others. I have discovered that so often I try to act as a savior in the lives of my friends, when in reality I can barely save myself.

God didn't bring me to Him to convert people.

He brought me to Him to share the story He has given to me.

He brought me to Him to love people as best as I can every day, like He loved me.

Yet so often I lose sight of these things. I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders as I try to make everything ok for everyone.

Everything won't be ok all the time. It's a part of life... and to try to be preventative is to hinder His work. It's basically like I am saying "Yeah, I believe you are sovereign...but you really don't know this person. Why don't you let me handle this one?"

Which really isn't trust at all, is it?


In church we started the Christmas themed series. Each Christmas they emphasize sponsoring a child in Kenya or Nicaragua (where the church has partnerships). As far as I know there are two very good organizations that are primary catalysts in this field of work.

One is called Manna Worldwide, the other is called World Vision.

I chose to actually sponsor a child for a year this Christmas. :) I'm very stoked about it! That's really what Christmas should be about in my humble opinion.

I mean, much more stuff do we need on Christmas day?

I think the better question is; How many people could we bless this Christmas day?

That's about all I have right now..I'll try to be more creative and interesting later. :P

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Bryana said...

Yay Oshkosh! :D
I'm so stoked for you to be up here again!!! Our study spot misses us!!!