Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Complex Christmas Carols

Today I had my last math "class" which was really more of a study period. I think I'm actually going to miss it. The class I mean, not the math. This professor definitely became more and more entertaining as the semester went on.

Today in class one of the needy kids in the front row asked her if she had some tape cause she ripped a page in her portfolio, and the Prof. was like "I do not carry tape around with me." (In a voice very similar to Apu in the Simpsons). It was very funny...
I guess you had to have been there.

I had more important questions like, "How the heck to you do complex numbers?" and "Why are we using 'i' now, when we've been using 'x' like the whole damn semester?" I think I'm gunna ace this exam...which will be the first time in my life I will have passed all my math exams... oh yeah!

My car is still dead. Oh, I didn't tell you about that? Yup. Mah car died. It needs a new battery, at least I hope that's all it is... my buddy Matt has one. I just need to connect with him 'cause we run two different schedules...

Lately I have been a stress monster. And I don't like it. Really, I don't get like this too often; I'm generally a pretty chill and laid back guy, but with the move coming up (to Oshkosh), finals, the car dying, Wednesday night group and friends who want to hang out I feel stretched thin. Sadly, I have let it rob me of living with the joy that God intends for me.

For instance, I am joyful that I have had the experience of school and the knowledge that I can and will succeed. I am blessed with great friends who care about me and actually want to hang out. I have a great car that 60% of the time works every time (actually its more like 99.9%) ;) A job. A church community and family. A great family....

As I start thinking about these things I realize how much joy gets lost in sweating the small stuff. Letting the little things that are temporary win over the bigger picture. In the grander scheme of things we are loved beyond imagining. In the eternal picture each and every single person on this earth is a miracle, a testament of creation and a Creator that loves and creates. I mean, does that make it less difficult when you are running low on money to put the gas in the tank, or when you have an argument with a friend? Maybe not. But the latter do not have to warp our views on the former. We do not have to let despair, stress and anxiety run our lives.

It kind of ties back into the verse from Philippians that I wrote about in my last entry. What are you choosing to feed on?

Recently I have decided that I want to read the entire Bible this year. I missed yesterday, but started again today. Reading the book of Jonah for the second time in my life I found encouragement. (The first time I read it, not so much, but I guess second time's the charm.)

One part that stuck out to me was when Jonah was running away from God's call on his life. He wanted nothing to do with setting up a ministry in the Assyrian city of Nineveh, so he ran away from God.

Not a smart thing to do.

I mean with humans you actually have a shot of disappearing, but when you try to hide from the creator of all I imagine that he must find it comical at the least!

But anyway, if you've heard the story before you know that a great storm comes upon the boat and that Jonah gets thrown overboard by the crew. After that happens the sea immediately calms and Jonah gets swallowed by the whale. The significance I found in this story was in Jonah's interaction with the sailors on that boat. They find out that he is the one who was causing the sea to be stormy and they asked him why. He told them that he was running from God's command. His dirt caught up with him. He didn't want anything to do with God's plan for his life.

Yet when the sailors on the boat throw Jonah over the side and the sea immediately calms, it says that they all made sacrifices and chose to believe in the One True God. How cool is that? Jonah probably didn't realize that despite his cowardice, God still used it to reach the sailors on that boat who believed in various other deities.

Long story short, no matter how I manage to fall short or run away, God is right there taking the loose ends and fashioning them into something beautiful.

That's all I have for now, maybe I'll write some later. Until then adios! :)

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