Monday, January 24, 2011

Past Due

Haven't posted in awhile 'cause my laptop recently blew up. Sad.

I really felt very cynical today. No not cynical...well maybe just a little. But cynical isn't the right word...perhaps despondent is. I really just didn't give a shit about that despondent? Or lethargic perhaps? Whatever the word it was one of those days.

I worked a mere four hour shift today preceded by very little activity and followed by, well, that remains to be seen. I may go to Starbucks tonight and sit with my friend Bry while she works on stuff for her scholarship pageant.

Yesterday was pretty cool. Wore my Bears gear over to church at Rivervalley in Oshkosh. Got quite a few looks when I went in too. Oshkosh is quite a change from the Milwaukee area, and I guess it's since Mil-Town is closer to the border, but up here being a Packer fan is pretty much a religious activity in and of itself and Aaron Rodgers is god. Yup, that's totally accurate friends they have actually adapted the Lord's Prayer to make it a prayer to the Packers and A-Rodg.

No doubt somebody probably thought it was hilarious. It's likely that person was probably rocking a blaze-orange coat and wearing a Packer jersey underneath and camo snow pants, but hey! It's the Packers after all!

Had several people make comments on my attire, and it was clear they probably thought they were making some hilarious joke. I just responded by saying I like controversy. Which is true.

Then went over to Bry's house to watch the game. The first half was a dismal performance by the Bears, however the second half, I felt, was well done. They managed to stonewall the Packer's offense and score on the Packer's defense (within a minute of play) using their third string quarterback. When all the chips were down however the Pack came away with the win and are on their way to the Superbowl. A well played game on their part.

Afterward I played some Just Dance 2 on the Wii with Bry (I totally channeled my inner Beyonce' for Crazy In Love), and after quite a few Throwback Mountain Dews were successfully in my stomach, we headed back to Osh.

When I woke up this morning, I felt like a worthless P.O.S., and I don't really know why but I just hated shit today. So I watched the Incredibles. Love it.

I found myself kinda wishing I had superpowers. Ever wished that? I did. I was thinking it'd be super neat to be like Mr. Incredible and to be able to destroy brick walls and stuff. However, as that isn't a very relevant life skill I'm pondering other potential powers that would be wicked sweet... will get back to you on that.

Life however is not like the movies. The bad people don't always get put away, I don't have supercool superpowers, the guy doesn't always get the girl... it's really kinda sad how mediocre our lives can be.

There's always tomorrow though.

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