Thursday, January 6, 2011

Worth the Pain

Worth the Pain: by Disciple

The light at the end has faded away.
One terror after another.
Somewhere in the fire,
the embers of faith
will burn through tomorrow
You’re breathing.

It’s worth the pain.
God’s in the rain.
It’s not too late to start again.
It’s worth the pain,
so hold on tonight.

Your passionate eyes try to explain,
all the blindness you’re feeling.
The six feet of lies exposed in His fire
resurrecting your sunrise.
You’re breathing.

There’s grace
when you’re at your wit’s end,
begging for it.
He’ll take you by the hand,
there’s grace.

I realize more and more that if it wasn't for grace, I just wouldn't be here.

I wouldn't be able to deal with my many shortcomings and failures.

I think I would definitely be crushed under the weight of everything...

Thank you Father for your unending grace and love, even for someone like me.

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