Thursday, February 24, 2011

Those Little Coney Cups....

So this blog really isn't the typical one I'd write.

Not about deeper meanings, or inner struggles and such...not that those are bad.

No, today I am writing to you about those little cone shaped cups, you know, the ones that you could find sno-cones in or something. Most businesses that have them if they have water dispensers in their lobby and they intrigue me to no end.

Actually, if I'm perfectly honest with I tend to be (for better or worse); I find them the most ridiculous waste of material ever. I mean seriously, who wants to drink their water out of a cone? You can't set it down anywhere, and, let's face it, it isn't like most businesses come with seats which have open bottomed cup holders.

So in the end if you are stupid enough to take one of these coney shaped cups you either have to hold onto it until you finish your drink, or slam it, like a shot so that you can free up your hands to do something that might benefit society!

It is a certainty that those little coney cups, on a scale of one to ten, probably don't even rate.

Stick to normal cups.

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