Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In Memoriam

I am very put out that Starbucks has taken their little blurbs off their cups!

You know how they always used to have: "The Way I See It" printed on the back of your cup, which was inevitably followed by a short little nugget of pure awesomeness. The contributing authors could be anyone from "Bob the Fisherman" to Oprah to pretty much everyone else you could think of who lives under the sun.

Yeah those.

They were like the Starbucks version of the fortune cookie, only way cooler! Instead of some random prediction (usually involving stocks, happiness, or pandas) they would provide you with inspiring sayings that you could quote on your Facebook at a later time. But alas they are no more (at least as far as I've seen the last couple months).

They probably need to save ink with the economy being the way it is, however, I will most certainly miss the little gems of wisdom that come with every piping hot cup of deliciousness. :(


rkaiser said...

They also don't have the "Starbucks Coffee" lettering as part of the label anymore either. Only the picture, because they sell more than coffee or something like that.

Jennifer said...

Haha "stocks, happiness or pandas" that made me smile. And I don't drink Starbuck's very often but those little quips did always entertain me.

You can get gems of wisdom inside the individual wrappers of Dove chocolate.

Josh said...

Thanks for the comments! :)
I will certainly be buying a bag of Dove chocolates within the week. :)