Thursday, March 17, 2011

When We Collide

The other day I listened to the song Collision by one of my favorite bands.

It goes a little something like this...

The calm that comes before this rage
Love that conquers all this hate
The sweating hands that hold on tight
Far too late to stop this slide

Strip this away if it's what it takes
I'm ready to break

Lean forward
I'm bracing for collision
Run faster
I'm chasing Your collision

Shattered pieces in my eyes
Sweet comfort has passed me by
Wings no longer spread in flight
Far too late to stop this dive

I'm not running away
I'm not running away
I'm chasing, I'm chasing You

It's quite simple lyrically but it brought me a lot of comfort.

We all break. We feel like we are in a dive that we can't pull out of. I know I've been there lately.

It hurts and it sucks.

But sometimes the only way to find a new tomorrow is to collide. To hit that place where you can't do it alone anymore. To realize that you need something more.

Sometimes we have to lose every scrap of pride that we've saved up, shatter every illusion we've created. The facades that we hide behind quickly collapse on impact and we are left with vulnerability.

It's scary.

It's also liberating.

Lately relationships have been placed on my heart. The importance of investing in those who can speak truth and life back into you. Because those who give a lot of themselves know that if you give solely to others who cannot reciprocate you will pour out your entire self and be left with nothing left to give.

We need people who give us life. By "life" I mean (for me) support, encouragement, honesty, people who pursue me beyond the times when they know something is wrong. These relationships are the most priceless to me.

I'm colliding with this fact, and I'm realizing that I'm not strong enough to shoulder my own burdens as well as taking on another's without support from others.

Maybe you're at this point?

This is going to be a difficult process but I'm excited about it too. Openness and vulnerability can be terrifying but in the end they lead to freedom.

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courtney said...

Josh Carter, have I ever told you that you rock my face brother?