Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Just the other week I happened upon an interesting and enlightening little fact...I learned that 'cottage cheese' had an alternate meeting.

That's right. Cottage cheese. That lovable (or unlovable depending upon your experience) side that often is seen residing in the neighborhood of the salad bar. Those little white curdles lost in soupy white-ishness that somehow holds it all together.

I wasn't aware that such a random, obscure little side could be living an alternate life.

Yes, in my twenty two (almost twenty three) years of life, you'd think I'd have gained a far larger wealth of useless knowledge.

Apparently not.

So for all you who may not know 'cottage cheese' is a slang term referring to the bumpy textures found on cellulite deposits. Often on women. Though I don't think it is exclusively attracted to women...it could swing both ways.

How did I stumble upon this completely random factoid? I'm glad you asked. :)

It began when a couple of ladies from my work asked me to do a "Slim-possible" 8 week challenge. Essentially, the concept is weighing in every Monday during the eight week period to see how you are progressing. Bless their hearts!

Yes, it is true that I could stand to shed a couple pounds, maybe tone up the love handles so they aren't as loving...but what you must understand is that I have an exercise aversion.

It may have been the many trips through the Culvers drive through with my dad when I was a young lad; after all, what is better for bonding than concrete milkshakes?

Or it may be that treadmills just freak me out. I mean, it's like you're moving, but not...weird.

Bottom line is that I just don't do exercise. At least not the typical regimented, structured, bust-your-ass plan.

So, I declined.

I did get the pleasure of being on the tail end of the "team name" brainstorming session. That was an experience! Names ranged from the Triple Jellies to the Beer Battered Cottage Cheese. Girls are so funny.

It was in that moment when the wisdom of woman's workout slang was imparted upon me.

Interesting day.

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Anonymous said...

JOSH! I haven't bought cottage cheese for about 3 years. I had a coupon for it and bought some this week and was gonna eat it tonight. Thanks a lot. :P ~Ash