Friday, April 29, 2011

Oh Friday...

The alarm goes off at 6:30 am.

Techno before breakfast is never a good idea.

I reset it for fifteen more minutes, and when the dance party commences once again, fifteen minutes later, I reluctantly surrender to the inevitable. Time to go to work...

It never ceases to amaze me how bossy clocks can be. How these devious little time pieces, whether cell phones, watches, or cuckoo clocks, somehow managed to sneak in and dictate every detail of our short lives. I almost feel like I should rebel.


I spring out of bed, with the livliness of a sloth who drank too much Nyquill, accompanied by a couple Advil PMs, the night before.

I send a quick text to my good friends Courtney and Abby telling them it's Friday...Friday.

I stumble over to the closet and endeavor upon what ends up being a futile search for something to wear...damn, I should've done laundry last night! Laziness bites me in the ass on this fine Friday.

Moments after the initial text was sent, my phone lights up with responses; one telling me to go back to bed, the other saying that she hates me and that it's 6-freakin'-45 am. I don't blame 'em, the poor girls.

Damn Rebecca Black and her Friday song...

In the bathroom one glance in the mirror produces a shock and awe effect that is much more potent and effective than George Bush could've ever dreamed.

Good lord is that what I look like in the morning?

In the words of one Mr. T; "I pity the wife who have to deal with my morning face someday." That was Mr. T who said that right...? I could be wrong. Not every cognitive gear is in place and functioning quite yet...after all it's 6:55 am. I'll look it up later and let you know if he actually said that.

Somehow I find myself at work, in a semi-presentable state. I open with Sue. She's my buddy. :)

The Muzak is playing already (if you are unfamiliar with what Muzak is, please reference the post titled 'That One Guy, That One Song') and I am subjected to the glory of Bryan Adam's song 'Have You Ever Loved A Woman?' Kill me.

To his credit, I think I have and can relate...

But that's all the credit he will get.

I opt, instead, to turn on Vimeo and pump up JLo's song "On The Floor" since it is only 7:35 and we do not open our lobby till 8:30. My supervisor Jess asks me if that's my weekend clubbin' music to which I respond; 'You bet your sweet love biscuits it is!'

After she files suit for sexual harassment, we have a good chuckle and go about our daily business.

I immerse myself in the blogosphere, and begin dreaming about the fun that this weekend is going to bring...

All because of one simple word. Friday.

Oh Friday...

The time is 8:47.

***I hope you have a fantastic weekend! I pray that it is filled with blessing and joy. Remember that every day is a gift! Don't hold back, don't hesitate, live it! ***

With Love,

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THAT girl who said...

yeah I wasn't friends with my alarm clock either today. I set it last night to watch the royal wedding at 6am, and when the alarm went off, I was like "Why the hell do I care about the royal wedding?" and then I turned it off and slept in. haha