Monday, April 25, 2011

Simply Intricate

I was sitting with my friend Hailey recently, sipping some coffee...well, actually, mine was vanilla chai, her's was coffee.

We were in the library at Oshkosh and she was studying for an biology exam.

I love the library at Oshkosh. The room hums with the sound of computers (Macs and PCs alike) all working simultaneously, it's a comforting drone that envelops me. The colors are warm; even when its cold outside the computer lab is always nice and cozy.

Plenty of comfy chairs are disbursed throughout the entire area, and in them one can find an abundance of poor, starving college students, some with shoes some without, some wearing slippers.

Some are dressed to a hilt, in anticipation of the night that will follow after they have put in their time; the majority however, are in comfy clothes, sweats, hoodies, and hair looking like they've just rolled out of bed. Or perhaps they know that this room will, in fact, be the closest they will come to bed, judging by the massive load of homework they have put off until this moment.

They are here for the long haul.

I like the ambiance the library gives off. It is an air thick with knowledge mingled with stress, fatigue and learning. The hours that are poured into books in the pursuit of the ever elusive answers to each new set of questions.

I love it.

I am no scientist.

Hailey, however, is brilliant. She started telling me about how cool bugs are, which I heartily disagreed with; then she showed me her bio book, complete with pictures of the little buggers (pun intended), and my newest learning experience began.

She started telling me about flies and how their bodies are covered in tiny hairs that sense and detect motion. When the air moves around them, these hairs vibrate within the core of the fly and it knows danger is potentially imminent.

I always wondered how they were able to dodge the towels and fly swatters, it's like they had help!

Oh, and they have segmented eyes, which enable them to look everywhere without moving. Even though I myself am not partial to bugs, I had to admit that this fact is pretty badass.

Their antennae are short to reduce the drag and to make flight possible, and the halteres serves to balance the insect during flight.

Even a bug as simple as a fly, an insect that annoys the crap out of me on hot summer days and won't leave my damn burger alone, can be complex and beautiful. Who knew?

The intricacy of it all leaves me speechless. The way that flies have been equipped with just the things they need to survive.

As I casually perused Hailey's bio book, I began to feel a sense of great peace, which is something that I have certainly never felt in a science class before. I think it was the fact that, in taking a closer look at the smallest, most insignificant insect one can find a design, a detail and care that is unmatched.

In that moment I felt that care deep within, and the reality that you and I are not alone in this life warmed me inside. It's almost as if the creator of all was holding me in His hand and saying, 'You are fearfully and wonderfully made, I have been with you from the beginning, and I'm not letting go...' It was true, and real and beautiful.

We are so much more than we believe. You are so much more than you know!

All of this from one little conversation about flies...who would've thought? :)

A while ago I watched a Louie Giglio film. It starts with a look at the stars, but ends with a look into the human body. At you, and I, and the incredible intricate design of humanity.

I hope you enjoy it!

Louis Giglio- How Great is Our God

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