Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spotlight: China

I wanted to share this article with you today; I found it while browsing my Google Reader.

It occurred to me, while reading this article, just how much I take for granted because I live in America. In China, it isn't only the religious activity that is monitored and regulated by the government. Their blogs are regulated and sometimes shut down for "hateful" or "obscene" commentary against the government.

Citizens still vanish in the night in China.

Citizens are harassed for their personal beliefs or convictions by Big Brother.

You could certainly argue that the United States has it's fair share of intolerant behavior, but that is often on the individual or organizational level. It isn't coming from the government, which is charged to be representative of the people, by the people, for the people.

Today I feel a strange mix of grief and blessing, my heart goes out to my brothers and sisters in China. I pray that they will continue to be strong in the trials they face now, and in the future.

I feel blessing, a deep sense of gratitude that I live in this country with our privilege and freedom.

May we never take it for granted.


Anonymous said...

Yeah the thought of people disappearing because of their beliefs is beyond scary. It's good to be informed about these topics because people, like myself, don't think about it.

Josh said...

Yes, but you did today! :) Thanks for reading!