Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Bake Thirty Minute Brownies In Twenty Minutes...

Baking really is an interesting's not quite cooking.

Somehow it missed the mark. Fell short.

I baked my first pan of brownies this year. I felt ridiculously fly afterward.

Somehow I traversed known territory and ended up in the wild world beyond. The world of domestication. Scared and alone.

Yet after the pan of baked brownies was brought forth from the oven, and filled my home with delicious smells, I knew I had been successful in my venture.

My friend Bryan makes better brownies than I do though...I sometimes wonder how he ended up so cultured. His mom must've been boss.

He makes chicken fajitas, and bakes cookies from scratch. They are delicious.

My friend Courtney always teases me because I practically live off Mac 'n Cheese, Frozen Pizza and cereal.

Truth be told, it is embarassing not to know how to cook or bake anything.

Home Ec class was an 'effing joke if you ask me.

However with the latest brownie adventure, I feel empowered. Liberated. I feel a strong desire to branch out, perhaps try something a little riskier...maybe a cake next time?

We shall see.


LAENA said...

Congrats on the brownies!!! LOL Perhaps what you really need to find is someone who will cook for you.
I have the opposite problem. My father is the most amazing chef on the planet, and due to my ridiculous competitive nature, I have always been determined to be an even better one! My dad is still by far superior, but maybe by the time I reach his age... haha... I will surpass his skills ;) Done pretty well so far... even taught a few cooking classes! Woot woot!
As for YOUR cooking adventures... just remember the most important rule of cake-making: good frosting fixes everything! I suggest getting double the amount you think you'll need :)
Good luck!!!
Oh-- and you really can't go wrong with chocolate chip cookies... they're everyone's favorites!

Josh said...

Haha nice! Thank you! I'm definitely still hunting for a cuisine coach to be sure! I'll remember the cake tip! :)