Monday, May 16, 2011


I went on an adventure to Waukesha Tattoo, and left with my first tattoo this past weekend. :)

It was one of those things that I kept talking about, but never actually set up.

When I found out recently that my name in Hebrew means 'the Lord saves' however, I knew at that moment what my first tattoo was going to be.

Every detail of this tattoo is significant, from the language it is in, the actual translation, even its place on my body.

I just asked myself, 'Why do you keep telling yourself you are going to do it, if you aren't going to do it?', and that my friends is the million dollar question. Talk is cheap.

I believe our actions are what truly define us, even the smallest of actions.

It was that very day that I set up the appointment.

As I reflect back upon my first post and the year since I'm amazed at what a journey it's been.

Through the ups, the downs, there has been one constant in my life and that is God's great love and new mercies every single day. He has been beside me from the beginning and he won't ever leave me.

For this I'm grateful.


LAENA said...

This is like my fifth attempt to comment on this post!!! Dang Blogger!!!!
Love the tattoo!!! A little crazy though, because I always said my first tattoo would be on my right wrist in Hebrew too! But mine would say, "He holds me."
Anyway, love it! Maybe one day I'll have the guts to get mine :)

THAT girl who said...

what a cool tattoo. congrats.

Josh said...

LAENA: love it! Great minds eh? And yes blogger made me super annoyed this last week! Haha gotta love technology! Thanks for the comment!
THT girl: why thank you! It hasn't itched or flaked or anything which is a super sweet bonus! :p