Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thursday Picks

Non-Profit Organization: Invisible Children

A movement that has ignited in the interest of ending the practice of using child soldiers. Invisible Children seeks to raise awareness about the war crimes being committed in Africa's longest, brutal civil war.

I made a nod to Invisible Children in the post "Given to a Dream" Check them out!

Website:Despair, Inc.

Do you remember back to elementary school? Teacher's always put up those motivational posters? Yeah, those. They used to annoy the crap out of me.

Everything changed when I stumbled upon Despair, Inc.

A fantastic website, full of sarcastic statements and devoid of all hope! Once you enter, you may not leave...

I'd highly recommend their selection of "De-Motivators" but pretty much anything you find on this site is wicked sweet.

Artist/Song:Dispatch -(Hey Hey)

I first heard Dispatch in my high school photography class, and loved them.

Given that it is beginning to get warm, I can break out my "summer music" playlists now.

Dispatch is all over those playlists.

The song I am recommending today is called Hey Hey.

If you pursue listening to it though, make sure you find the official version, not the live one.

Be warned: There are a ripe plethora of covers of this song on YouTube, all by aspiring artists and stoners alike, their talents ranging from mediocrity to downright atrocious.

The official version is the one you want.

It will certainly make THAT girl who's iPod sigh in relief...

Drink of Choice:Java Monster

If you are like most Americans who are coked-up on caffeine these days, some mornings the typical coffee boost just won't cut it.

Naturally the capitalist gurus who own the energy drink company Monster thought it the opportune moment to break into a new This resulted in the birth of the Java Monster.

Java Monster is essentially iced coffee, but packs the punch of a regular energy drink; it's sure to leave you shaking for hours afterward.

That will wrap it up for Thursday's picks...enjoy responsibly. :)


THAT girl who said...

I want to check out that Java stuff. I never drink energy drinks, but this one looks cool. x)

Josh said...

You like iced coffee like, those starbucks frappuchinos they sell in bottles at the store, you'd probably like java monster :) but they have really cool cans which is part of the reason I like em... Lol