Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Picks

Blog/Humor: A Carp's Tale

"I once said that if 5 people asked me to start a blog I would. While waiting for those 5 people I have decided to share my thoughts here in the hopes that I can bring new ideas and laughter to humanity while growing in popularity to such a degree that I can sell out. Here goes." -Andrew Carpenter

A Carp's Tale is an immensely entertaining blog that I have been reading lately. Carpenter writes with the perfect blend of wit and sarcasm.

I'd highly recommend his post: If you're too dumb to know this is a sham, you're hired!

Disney Movie: The Emperor's New Groove

One of Disney's finest, yet most underrated films. The story of a selfish prince, an evil republican conspiracy, a kind-hearted peasant and...llamas!

I find that those who are from the "classic" Disney era have trouble embracing this flick, but give it a chance!

It's worth it!

Thing to do to recapture your youth:

Lately, I've been having nostalgia attacks. In a big way.

It's incredibly ironic that we spend most of our young lives wishing so desperately for adulthood, yet as adults we desperately wish to recapture youth...

Go figure.

Well for all you old people who want to be young again, I'd recommend climbing a tree! There is nothing quite like the rush one can get from scrambling up each limb. Hiding like a creeper in the dense leafage...throwing acorns at innocent passersby.

Who knows, maybe clambering up a healthy size tree could burn a few more calories than the TV or Xbox...

It's worth a shot.

Track: Boastin' - Lecrae ft. Anthony Evans

Lecrae is one of a movement of rappers who, while loving the music, do not agree with the message of many of their mainstream counterparts.

Instead of trashing the industry, however, he and fellow rappers Trip Lee, Tedashii and others created their own niche market.

The production on this track is outstanding, and its message always brings me encouragement, even on rough days.

Board Game: Scribblish

Not going to lie, when I first got this game as a Christmas present this past year I was seriously wondering WTF possessed the family member who got it for me.

Now I understand though.

Scribblish is a ton of fun! It is an 'artistic' version of the old school game Telephone. Yeah! Remember that one?

Well I find this version better because you don't have someone whispering in your ear, which kinda creeps me out. Especially when you get that person who whispers really...how do you say it? "Spittiley?" What I mean, is that they have as much saliva coming out of their mouth as they do words?


Scribblish has a ton of fun captions that you create artistic renditions of, then the little palettes are exchanged and the next person has to create a new caption to go with your picture...and so on...

It's a great game to play with family and friends. :)

Side note: Creeper girl in picture above: not included with game, neither are batteries...


THAT girl who said...

omg i remember that movie! I used to love it. x)

Josh said...

I think, to this day it is still one of my fav. Movies, I just laugh whenever I watch it! :)