Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Who Says Guys Can't?

I shop.

I like to think I do fairly well at it too...I mean, I've gotten compliments before on stuff I've picked out...unsolicited compliments.

It's not like that friend who asks you, 'What do you think of this on me?' and you, in that very moment, are presented with the dilemma of being honest and potentially pissing off your shopping buddy, or lying and letting them be secretly ridiculed for wearing that hideous clothing item.

Nope. The compliments I've gotten are completely unsolicited. I really, honestly don't care if people like my clothes or not, 'cause I like 'em. That's all that matters.

But the point of this is not to tell you how awesome I am at picking out cool clothes. That's irrelevant right now.

What I'm wondering is why the 'eff people think that guys are somehow mindless idiots who wouldn't know what classy was, even if it bitch-slapped them upside the head?

Is it really that hard???

I think that this issue has become a running joke between men and women. You know, one of those things comedians throw in their sketches because everyone can relate...

I think that guys have definitely played up this ignorance too. They like to pretend they're too macho to go shopping with their girlfriends. Apparently picking out something that actually looks nice to wear is not in the masculine DNA...

Well, I don't buy that.


Yesterday, my roommate Rob and I went up to Neenah (a tiny town between Oshkosh and Appleton) on a quest to conquer the mysterious kingdom known as....Kohl's.

Oh yes. We were bent on conquest.

We ventured into the men's "classy wear" section, which is it's official title, and immediately went to the clearance racks. If there is one thing I've learned about Kohl's, it is that even their clearance stuff is better than regular priced stuff you'd get some places.

Sure enough, as I casually perused the 60-80% off racks I unearthed a treasure trove of goodies!

Immediately I had to restrain myself though, the inner voice that I carry with me (my conscience? Jiminy Cricket perhaps?), whispered softly... 'You only have sixty in your budget for this...'

Damn it all.

Nevertheless, I listened, and began the process of sorting through 'must haves' and 'I can get it later.'

Honestly, I think that it is at this point of shopping ventures where 99.9% of girls lose their guys. You know, when they actually have to decide on which dress-top-skirt-shirt-blouse-shoe type-etc. that they are going to keep.

Within a matter of minutes I narrowed down my options from eight ties to three. From four shirts to one, and managed to pick up a pair of dress pants on top of it.

Long story short...

It was time efficient, smart...

and I looked good.

Rob was a tad slower than I was in picking out his items, but he's not a pro, so I let it slide.

When all was said and done I settled on two ties, a new shirt and a pair of dress pants. All on sale.

Oh and did I mention that Rob brought a 30% off coupon? Yup, he did.

Our total of the day for eight items came to roughly $99 bucks, with a savings of roughly $320.


Who says guys can't shop?


LAENA said...

Will you be my personal shopper??? lol I hate shopping!
Actually, I love the finding tons and tons of things that look awesome! I'm great at coordinating accessories and matching separates... but it is that narrowing and decision-making that I loathe. By the time I've gotten to that point, I don't want to decide. I'm tired. And I WANT IT ALL!!!
Oh-- and one more unsolicited compliment to add to your loooooong list ;)
Great tie-shirt combo! Love the colors!

THAT girl who said...

haha, this is awesome. I love the pic. It's amazing. x)

"Rob was a tad slower than I was in picking out his items, but he's not a pro, so I let it slide." --haha. Killed me. x)

Josh said...

Lol thanks ladies! :) your comments always super make my day! I had someone tell me at the bank the other day that everything should just be free in life... I thought it was a super dumb thought at the time, but when I was pickin out the new clothes I had to laugh cause I found myself wishing the exact same thing. Go figure! Lol