Tuesday, June 28, 2011


What if there were no more barriers?

What if every church building was taken apart, and seen for what it was...simple brick, stone and wood?

What if Jesus wasn't a brand?
What if he wasn't on coffee mugs, pens, and 5 step church planting books?

What if the gospel didn't require someone with a degree from seminary?

What if it didn't require the "right" theology to be effective?

What do you think would happen if people took Jesus at his word, and didn't cast judgement on one another, but left judgement to God instead?

What if we didn't place so much stock in our little rituals; the head bowing, and comfortable environments where everyone speaks the same jargon?

What if those who claimed to follow Christ realized that there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that one can do to be guaranteed heaven, but to place oneself at the mercy of a just God at the end of their short time here?

Would we be closer to the new Jeruselam?

Would we be closer to God?

What if God's message was for all, not just some?

What if those who had experienced a real, tangible, personal and Living God, realized this?

Would not the gates of Hell be overcome?

Would the world be shook to its foundations by a coup, the likes of which had never been seen before?

A shift from dark to light.
From hate to love.
From violence to peace.
From pain to joy.

If you are like me, and have pondered even one of these questions let me tell you that you aren't alone.

There is a God who has lost his voice in our society, yet He is not lost.
There is a God who is not contained in the box of religion.
There is a God who cannot be used for human purposes.
He cannot be manufactured and sold. He can't be bought. He is far more than that.

There is a God who loves you beyond words, and came to humanity to communicate that very fact.
To share and experience life with us.
To stand for the oppressed, the hurting, the falsely accused.
The underdogs. The rebels. The goths. The unwanted.

There is a God who wants you more than you could know.
He believes you are precious, more valuable than all the cash, cars, gems and treasures one could attain here on Earth.

I believe that, for those who profess to follow Jesus, our job is this...

To break down these barriers.
The fences with barbed wire strung through them.
Demolish the watchtowers that keep people out, and keep others in.

To rid ourselves of these labels that humans have made, and place upon each other.
To stop playing dress up, and putting on a show in our little church subculture.

To be real people.
Broken people.
Loving people.

Free to be human.
Free to make mistakes.
Free to be wrapped in glorious grace.

Those who claim to follow Jesus have a great calling placed upon their lives...
A calling to show a new way to the world.
God's way.

I cannot think of a nobler pursuit.