Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Pole-Dancing Christian

One day, while having some breakfast with my parents, CBS Sunday Morning News did a fascinating segment.

I couldn't find the actual report that I saw that day, but I have a recap done by ABC on the same thing! Check it out!

I didn't know what to do when I saw it!

All I could think was.........this is freakin' brilliant!

I think every church should offer a class like this.

It is no surprise that this has somehow managed to garner some controversy, but here is the way I see it...

When Dean says the body is a temple, she is absolutely right. Our bodies are to be used to glorify God, with the talents and passions which have been given us.

So if you have been blessed with the talent of creating beautiful artwork, let every pen/brushstroke of the hand be used to glorify the one who has given you that ability.

If you have been given the gift of speaking in front of many people, then use every last breath to glorify the creator of that breath.

If you are a dancer, dance in celebration!

If you sing, sing with great passion!

We are alive and breathing to give every last breath to celebration. Don't hold back.

I have been around enough women to understand a couple different things.


Women's minds function differently than guys minds. So when these old religious dudes start screaming that these women are being fiendish because pole dancing is "all about sex" I just find it comical. That is not what is happening here.

Guys, we have to realize that women think much differently than we do!

I have been around countless women, and fitness is a very important topic of conversation.

They talk about going to the gym.
Biking places.
Eating healthier.
Starting a diet.
Going running together.

I'm becoming convinced that, if women didn't exist, neither would much of the health and fitness industry. Lets face it guys, this is probably why they are better looking than us.

I always hear women talking about fitness.

As a matter of fact, they talk an awful lot...

That is another beauty of the Eves of this world. They are inherently social.

I'll never forget one day when I read a news article about the social differences between men and women. Women tend to say, on average, about ten thousand more words than they typical guy.

Connection is very important to women.

It is why they tend to be better at making the effort in the relationship.
It is why they are more prone to try to be peacemakers.

What are two things this "Christian Pole Dancing" class offers? Fitness, and social environment. Women aren't thinking sex when they go into the classes.


Let me clarify one more difference between guys and gals.

From what I understand, to a woman, the terms 'sex' and 'sexy' are two different things. Guys, we have to realize this. The ladies don't think about the actual act of sex as much as we do. But they do want to be noticed. They want to be admired for the work of art that they are.

Women want to be sexy. They want to be breathtaking. They want to know they are beautiful.

There is nothing wrong with this.

This is how God created women. Eve is the crowning of creation. She is God's final masterpiece in the creation story. There is nothing more beautiful in this world!

It is valid to point out that we live in a society which tends to place emphasis on the beauty of appearance, and less upon the actual character of the individual.

I will acknowledge this.
It is a fair point to raise.

But, herein lies the value of the true Christian faith as I understand it. It does not take a superficial view of each individual. It is a faith which emphasises the heart and character, as well as the taking care of one's body.

So when a group of women decide to take advantage of a social environment, where they can pursue fitness with a good group of friends, and burn a few calories in the process, I believe that their souls will benefit as well.

It is all about the environment. If you are with others who encourage you, and share your convictions it can, and often is, an incredible growing experience.

One last point...

Somehow, the idea of a "good Christian wife" has absolutely begun to destroy families. Ladies, when you hear that phrase do you honestly think sexy?

Perhaps yes. Odds are no.

Because somehow there has been a shift to thinking that, after a woman gets married it's all over. Throw in the towel girls, because marriage has no more "sexy"-appeal!

Once the honeymoon ends, the guys get lazy, don't do the romantic things they once did. The ladies get into a boring routine of cooking meals and hauling kids to soccer games.

The adventure is gone. The sexiness is lost.
This can prove very dangerous for a soul, which craves adventure and excitement.

Marriage is sexy folks. Yes, there are many challenges, but the love produced between a man and a woman should not diminish, but grow. It is the sign of a healthy relationship. Sex, while not the only thing, is a very important thing. And for there to be sex, there is often sexiness.

Perhaps a pole dancing class is just the thing to help a wife see that, even after marriage, she can still be just as sexy (if not more). Honestly, I really don't think God would get angry about a thing like that.

Long story short, I know that this particular form of worship isn't for everyone. Just as singing is not my strong suit, we share God with this world in different ways.

So before you start thinking that I'm saying all Christian women should pole dance, please stop.

All I'm saying, is that there's nothing wrong with it. It shouldn't be controversial at all.

Ladies, if you want your small group to meet at a pole dancing studio rather than a Starbucks...go for it!

You only live once! :)


LAENA said...

This was great!
While pole-dancing is not necessarily my preferred worship medium, I definitely would not be opposed to taking a class to heat up the marriage bed... or bathroom, or kitchen, or... well you get the idea.
Sex IS supposed to be a big part of marriage. It's an expression of that love--the two becoming one. The problems come when that expression dies.

Josh said...

It's almost as if the Christian community is afraid that if women take pole-dancing they will turn into skanks and run around having sex all the time. lol. There is nothing wrong with a woman who wants to show her husband a lil' somethin' somethin' :)Or vice versa for that matter...

Thanks for the comment! :)