Monday, July 18, 2011


"By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work." -Genesis 2:2

My eyelids begin to droop. My vision narrows...

No! Not again! Not in church!

I feel the inner monologue begin, that ever persistent voice, you know the one I'm talking about?

We all have one. It's that smug little self-righteous jerk, that hides inside. The one that makes you feel like crap anytime you act out...

"Falling asleep in church again are we?"
No. I lie.

I look down at the text that we are currently learning about, and try to focus.
God help me.
The voice just won't quit...

"Must've been that extra Jack and Coke you had at the wedding last night...sinner."
It wasn't the Jack and Coke that did me in, I reason, it was clearly that extra glass of wine, or five.

"Which makes it that much better, what about last week? What's your excuse for that?" was a long drive back home?

"Surrrreee. Don't play this game with me! I know you're just not as spiritual as other people."
Hey now! That was kinda low.

I desperately take a pull from my McCafe coffee cup, trying to suckle some remnant of energy-giving brew out of it. Alas, it is dry. No more Jesus juice for me till the end of the service... provided I make it that long.

The eyelids are getting heavier every minute. I feel like the world's scrawniest bodybuilder as I try, in vain, to hold up the crushing weight.

"Well you aren't. Look! We are already doing the closing prayer, and you haven't heard a word of the service. Lazy."
"Guess we'll have to try harder next week champ."
Guess so...

This round goes to the smug little jerk man. Again.

Sunday afternoon naps aren't a random occurrence for me. They are actually a part of my biological makeup, it's really weird.

Any other day of the week I may start to feel tired, but, usually, I can fight the good fight and win.

Not so on Sunday...

So perhaps there is something to this phenomenon.

Do you think God takes Sunday afternoon naps? Do you think he crashes on his heavenly recliner and drifts off watching the game?

I've lived in Oshkosh long enough to know that the majority of the populace already believes that God does, indeed, watch football, and that he unashamedly loves the Packers.


There is something about Sunday though. There is something about taking some time to rest in the midst of a hectic life.

I was talking to my friend Asha the other day, and I wondered aloud at how much time we spend just "doing." Not just "doing" but doing stuff we don't particularly enjoy...

That's just life though, right?
Work your ass off six days a week, take care of all the stuff you've put off on the seventh.
Fill every moment.
Be productive...

Yet, before long there is an inevitable burnout, and it is in these moments that I begin to wonder if, perhaps, we are missing something important...

I'm inclined to think that if the creator of the universe took time to rest after creating everything, perhaps we should take a page from his book, and take some time for ourselves.

Maybe we weren't meant to be mindless machines, running from meeting to meeting.
Or coffee date to coffee date, for that matter.

Maybe sometimes it's ok to be alone.
To be quiet.
To listen to the stillness.
To sleep. To dream.
To write the thoughts of the heart on paper.
To walk, away from the city, and to allow the masterful craft work of nature to overwhelm and awe you.

Sabbath is so much more than a day off.
It is a day of renewal. A renewal of the body and mind.
And the funny thing is, when this particular renewal does take place, it is the soul that tends to follow suit.
We can become whole again.

I pray that you don't get lost in the everyday mechanics of living, and miss out on the sweet life to be had in the process.

Take a Sabbath and remember that you were meant for more.

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