Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Golden Weekend

This weekend will bring with it a monumental day in my life...

My Golden Birthday.

BAM. Twenty Three baby!
Gosh, I'm getting old!

So, a golden birthday sounds wicked sweet, I know, but the more I think about it I really have no idea what one would do on their golden birthday...

I thought about getting a golden grill.

Not a George Foreman though...

For those who may be over the age of forty, "getting a grill" is simply the process of turning your teeth into precious stones, or a valuable metal...such as gold.

Finally, I could look just like Lil' Jon, or Lil' Wayne... or...maybe it'd just look a lil' stupid.

I'm a middle class white kid from Waukesha...honestly, we can't pull that crap off.

I was also thinking about demanding that my friends get me a treasure chest, and fill it with those chocolate gold coins that seem to stuff many a stocking right around Christmas time.

But, I guess that since it's been about 95 degrees and humid lately this probably wouldn't be a stellar idea. I'd hate to think about all that precious treasure making one hot mess in the authentic wooden chest.

Yargh! I guess I'll just save that idea for the Pirate Truck Guy's birthday...

Maybe I could take a classier approach and pop some bottles in the club with my friends. Champagne's golden-ish in color right? After all, who wouldn't wanna get slizzard?

Sounds like a pretty fly idea to me.


I could have a movie night devoted to movies about gold...

Italian Job anyone? I could definitely use a little Mark Whalberg/Charlize Theron action! Ow ow!!!

How about National Treasure??

Wait!!! Even better idea!

What if some good friends and I went on our own search for a city filled with gold!?

I'm sure there are plenty of those lurking beneath the murky, polluted depths of the Fox River! With the crawfish and all...

Perhaps, I'll buy a Wonka Bar...who knows, maybe I'll get lucky and get to tour the Chocolate Factory.

Maybe I'll meet an Oompa Loompa!

Maybe, I'll go to the local Golden Arches for lunch.

Maybe, I'll get a membership at Gold's Gym..............nahhh.

Maybe, I'll hit the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button on Google.

Who knows?? We only get one Golden Birthday. :)


LAENA said...

The "I'm Feeling Lucky" button on google!!????? Watch out!!! The birthday boy's getting CRAZY!!!!!

:) Enjoy your golden birthday and have a great weekend!

Josh said...

Oh trust me...it would be way radical! ;) Thanks my friend!