Friday, July 1, 2011

The Pirate Truck

As noted in a previous post, I've been walking to work lately.

Not only is it a fantastic option for those who don't want to get chubby, yet hate exercise, but one tends to notice more things when walking places than when driving.

For instance, the Pirate Truck. Every day, I see a truck parked in one of the lots just down the road from the bank.

It's a blue Ford F-150. It has a pirate flag in the back.

A pirate flag.
I kid you not.

I wasn't aware that the Redneck Surplus store carried them.

It's kind of interesting because most people who fly flags in the back of their trucks want to associate themselves with something.

For starters, there is the ever popular...

American flag: Proudly flown out of the back of many a truck. The American flag is a wonderful symbol of pride in this great nation. Many who fly this flag in their truck bed are also blaring Toby Keith exceptionally loud on their stereo system.

The drivers of these trucks probably didn't abstain from saying the pledge of allegiance in early school years, but rather said it loud and proud.

Don't Tread On Me: When nationalized health care was pushed through by Barack Obama, the Gadsden (or 'Don't Tread On Me') flag of 1751, became the banner under which Tea Partiers, pissed off conservatives and anti-government independents united.

Though the Gadsden flag is more commonly found on Patriot Guard motorcycles, or at Tea Party protests, it has been spotted in track beds on more than one occasion.

The disco may have died, but 1751 is alive!

The Stars and Bars: Probably the most commonly flown flag in trucks. The Stars and Bars of the confederacy allegedly lives a double life.

Some maintain that it is a symbol of slavery and oppression, while others deem it a symbol of Southern culture and take great pride in the fighting spirit it represents.

Either way, they lost the war.

Drivers in these trucks often wear cowboy boots and cutoff t-shirts. Upon seeing the driver one might be struck by the notion that, perhaps, the Marlboro man learned to drive a truck, rather than ride a horse.

They could, quite possibly, be correct.

This brings me to...

The Pirate Flag: This whole time I've been trying to fathom some legitimate reason for the Pirate Man to fly his Pirate Flag from his Pirate truck.

Alas, I have found none. This is the only flag of this kind that I have ever seen in a truck.

Since, the practice of piracy, in the classical sense, virtually died in the early 1800's it seems rather stupid to associate oneself with it.

Yes, piracy at seas still occurs, but they do not fly the skull and crossbones, nor the Union Jack anymore. If they did, they might be laughed off their own boat!

Honestly friends, if Captain Crunch owned a truck, he probably wouldn't fly this flag.

Sorry, Pirate Truck guy. You need to update your flag taste a couple centuries...


LAENA said...

You crack me up! You notice and pay attention to the funniest things. When I saw the American flag when I glanced at the post before reading it, I thought maybe this was an Independence Day post. Haha! Notsomuch! Enjoy your weekend. GO AMERICA! :)

J Apple said...

I was gonna say something in pirate speak, which I'm sure would've involved the words "arrrggghhh" and "matey." Instead, I'll just stick with good post, Josh.