Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Women, and Men in Uniform

In my short time on this beautiful planet I have noticed two common truths about women...

1) They love accents. The kind and type vary, but most women I know like some sort of accent. Often it's British.


2) They love a man in uniform.

I never quite understood this phenomenon. It is so strange to see the ladies, who are so rational and calculating at times, melt into little giggly girls when they see a few military men in uniform at a wedding.

It isn't just military guys though...

My friend Courtney is quite partial to firefighters, I recently found out. Some girls like cops.

It is the queerest thing.

I won't lie, I've tried to pull the "man in uniform" card on a couple cute girls I knew, but apparently not all uniforms are created equal.

Apparently marching band uniforms aren't sexy.

Sad day.

Now I just try to keep that on the down low. At very least, it isn't my leading line anymore...

Sometimes I feel as if I somehow got the short end of the stick. I don't have a cool uniform to impress the ladies with, and I don't have an accent.

Apparently, Wisconsinites do have accents but, for this to be effective, one would need to travel to another state...and even then, sometimes you just end up getting made fun of for talking all weird like.

But I digress...

So what is it about a uniform that makes a man more appealing to a woman?

What is it about a certain arrangement of buttons, cords, or patches/insignias that turn an average man into the star of an AXE cologne commercial?

Perhaps, it is the fact that often these men are super fit and trim, and the uniform accentuates this fact. I'm not completely naive in thinking that the ladies don't notice a well built guy when they see one...but you can pull that off with most any kind of clothing. You don't need a uniform for that.

I think that it is probably the ideal behind the uniform, that gets women all giddy and goofy. That particular man, in uniform, is a part of something greater than himself.

He is a man who is going places.

He is a man who isn't merely focused on himself, but the cause he is committed to.

The uniforms that most women like are ones associated with some form of security, whether national or local...so there is a sense of protection that comes along with a uniformed man.

I think these are all natural desires for the ladies to have and, suddenly, I felt the beginning of sweet revelation sweep over me as I pondered this phenomenon...

Uniforms are really nothing more than stylized clothes; medals, a cool hat, and shiny shoes are all just a different take on the every day apparel.

Yet it sets the wearer apart. It shows that he has been through difficult things, there is a depth of character that is embodied in a uniform.

There is a clear divide between man and boy.

How many ladies today are stuck in a world of boys?
How many ladies today desperately seek men, maturity, and security?

A uniform, in it's own way, is a clear signal of manhood to a woman, and that is attractive.

Guys, I'd ask, no plead that we can strive to create a world where women will no longer need a uniform to identify a true man.

Where they can clearly see the virtues of integrity, security and strength just as much within the foodservice worker, bank teller and lawnscaper, as in a serviceman.

We owe it to them. They deserve it.


Yup, that's me said...

Josh,if I believed in reincarnation I would say that you were a girl in another life. Everything you said in the post is almost 100% true of why girls like guys in uniform.

And yes, I'm quite partial to firemen :)

LAENA said...

Awesome!!! So true! I almost agree that maybe once you were a woman. Haha! If not, you have been given some incredible insight. It's a gift. I hope you'll use it well.

And also... the band uniform... notsomuch :) Sorry...