Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Word of Caution


Please be careful whom you choose to associate with on Blogger. I recently finished a story series by my friend Laena who, unfortunately, was conned by some loser.

He steals poetry from other poets, and plays on different women's emotions just for the fun of it.

It's really pretty sad. Here is a post by blogger Max Xavier where you can find details on this guy.

You can also check out my friend Laena's blog where she writes, in detail, about how this guy works...

There are links to the posts on the right hand side titled "Our Story", and any tags of BMD (Brandon Michael Dean).

So again, if there is some prince charming on blogger, who is saying all kinds of nice things to you be careful!

I try to have faith in people, but that faith extends only so far. Some people just enjoy being jerk-offs, and this Brandon Michael Dean guy is one of them.


Laena said...

He has also gone by the names...
Dean, Brandon, Brandon Dean, DT, Just Me, Google Me, No One Special,
Whoever you want me to be... etc.

Josh said...

Thank you for having the courage to share your story my friend.

max xavier said...

Hi, love!!! Thank you for re-posting this. The page you referred to on my blog has now been given a very special page entirely of it's own! This way, I can continue writing without that fool posted all over my page :-) And the page stays at the very top of my blog for viewing. I appreciate your getting the word out to those who follow you. The goal is to keep him from victimizing anyone else.

max xavier said...


that is the new link :-)

Josh said...

You are very welcome Max! Totally agree, 'tis a noble goal!