Monday, January 9, 2012

Memento Mori

"And we look at all we've created with and revel in our own glory, but even the strongest steel bends, and breaks. Even the tallest buildings crumble. Even the greatest pieces of artwork lose value, and collect dust.

We build our empires, and worship our own greatness, but in time a new power comes, and the magnificence of man is crushed in his arrogance. Walking through the ruins of man's greatest feats, one can hear the echoes what we've known all along, yet have ignored...'Memento Mori'!"

Memento Mori. Remember your mortality.

It's more than a mere caution. It's a calling. A constant reminder that life is short. Life is precious. Each moment that we're given is a gift. We will all have our time, and when that time comes, I want to look back on a life well lived.

A life of intention.
A life of compassion.
A life that made all the difference to at least one person...

You see, when we realize, I mean fully realize, that we aren't immortal, life has a way of becoming that much sweeter. Some have to come close to their own funeral to fully appreciate the fragility of the life they've been given to live. Others don't.

But no matter who you are, may you feel Memento Mori echoing within your innermost sanctum. A reminder that today is to be siezed, to be lived to the fullest, and not to be squandered.

My newest tattoo:

Memento Mori is wrapped in a star that is comprised of two colors.

Purple is royalty. Sovereignty. Purple is the God who encompasses us all, and who holds our fragile mortal lives in his hand.

Red is blood. Blood that was shed to gain peace, and end the war with the sovereign power. Both colors interconnected and encompassing. It is not a mistake, only sweet providence.


Anonymous said...

Sweet man. Is there any significance to the number 8, with the 8 pointed star? Even if there isn't, it still looks cool.

Josh said...

Hey, thanks man. No specific significans, but it is balanced within a circle. Circles often represent completeness, so only within the all encompassing sovereignty of God, and his shed blood, only then am I complete...