Monday, January 30, 2012

My Friend the Economist

It occurred to me, as I was creating the post, that Tim and I don't have many photos together. In fact, the ones we do have are often in shady dark places like, bars or at parties.

But, you know what? Not every post will have pristine quality pictures. Deal with it.

Tim and I went to high school together, but the circles we ran in weren't exactly the same ones. Tim was the rock star, I was the band geek. So sadly, we never actually hung out in high school. Let me tell you though... when we actually start hanging out a couple years after, I was quite sad we never did. We would've gotten along fantastically, I think.

Tim, as I mentioned, is a rock star. He plays the bass, and has worked on several different project. He currently plays with a stellar cover band, and they often rock out in local bars in the greater Milwaukee area.

He's quite good, and has taught me a thing or two about starting out, as I feebly venture into the challenging endeavour known as the "Sunday worship team." He likes a variety of music, including a lot of that underground "hippity hop" stuff. You know, mix tapes, heavier beats, and anti-pop themes? Yeah, that's the stuff. He's actually gotten me into several different groups.

He's also an NRA nut, and proud of it. No joke. It's pretty awesome, actually. I've learned quite a lot about guns whilst hangin' with Tim, and will probably be learning even more in the years to come. Epic.

Tim, like so many of my friends, is one smart guy.He loves learning, and is always searching for new knowledge. Economics fascinates him. Yeah, for real! If you need any help studying for exams I'm sure he could help you out...for a price. He also knows a fair amount about politics and exercise among other things.

You can check out his blog here, and I'd highly recommend it!

I think that one of the main things I appreciate about Tim, is that he thinks about things. Crazy right? But I mean it! When you talk with him, you actually come out of the conversation feeling like you learned something new.

I think this is probably because he's very much self-educated. He hasn't relied upon the public school system to teach him about life but, rather, he's gone out and researched the issues himself. At a time in our nation's history when critical thinkers are beginning to become the exception rather than the norm, conversing with Tim is a breath of fresh air!

He's able to see many issues from multiple points of view, and is open to honest dialogue, but he also carries strong personal convictions with him. That fact alone could earn my respect in a heartbeat. It's much easier, in my opinion, to respect someone with conviction, someone who knows what they believe and why. Tim has no problem with doing this.

Often the venue of choice for our conversations is one of several hookah bars called Shi Chai, in Milwaukee.

If, however, we don't happen to be having super awesome conversations, one could probably find us shooting some pool, or cruising around Milwaukee's bar scene.

And that's another beauty of our friendship, we're both simple kinds of men (Lynyrd Skynyrd reference intended). We don't need to be doing crazy stuff to have a good time. Having a meal, conversation, or a few drinks is more than sufficient to keep us entertained for several hours at a time.

His appreciation for family and friends is pretty damn inspiring to me. It helps to ground me when I get caught up in the logistics of life.

When I start to sweat the details, Tim's values and priorities always bring me back to the understanding, that as long as I'm healthy, have great family and friends, then I can count myself blessed beyond words.

There are so many great things to say about this guy, as with all of my friends, and I can't hope to do him justice in a simple blog post. All I can say, is that I appreciate him. His friendship, and the constant inspiration that provides, and that I can indeed count myself a blessed man.

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