Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Friend the Life-Saver

It was by happy chance that me and Theresa (or "T" as I like to call her) met. I was an adolescent boy, trapped in the throes of new hormones, and she was walking around at a band concert with a really cute friend.

No lie.

This was the beginning of me and Theresa's relationship, where I was known as "creepy dude from the band concert."

It wasn't till freshman year, in Honors English class, when we happened to be seated alphabetically next to each other that we actually bonded. Thus, an era began.

We quickly discovered that we were both reading nerds, and were both thoroughly bored in the class, as the teacher wasn't that great. So, we made our own fun out of the period.

One of the ways we made English interesting is that we'd take this heavy-duty giant dictionary that we found (I swear it was from 1800 or something), and we'd look up a word each day. We justified this by maintaining that we were merely "expanding our vocabulary." Some pretty darn interesting words in that book, let me tell you.

T comes from a family similar to my own. Lots of siblings with lots of emphasis on family time. We were both part of families that put numerous children through our high school band programs, so T and I were on the tail end of a long standing, band-family, legacy.

T is one of the smartest women I know. No joke. If she's ever found school difficult, it's damn near impossible to tell, unless you know her really well. She diligently strives to excel in her studies, a character trait that applies to her life, not just her schooling. Honestly, I don't know how she does half the stuff she does. Not only is she involved in school, but she works several jobs to pay the bills, and still manages time to spend with her friends.

When you finish hanging out with Theresa you actually feel smarter, like you've learned five new things just by chatting. I'm not kidding. It's quite fantastic.

T also doesn't whine. She has just as much, if not more, on her plate as the above average American student, but I don't hear her constantly harping on that fact. She rolls up her sleeves, and just gets it done! You don't see that as much anymore in this country, sadly.

Theresa's a life saver to me in so many ways...

Theresa was my life saver in school. In fact, she's quite a giving, altruistic person. She is generous with her time, and never expects anything in return. I can't even begin to describe the amount of times that she bailed me out in classes, and helped me cram last minute test prep in. Labs in Physics were a bitch, but she somehow found the ability to always have her work finished, and then to attempt to teach me the lessons I'd failed to learn in the previous class period.

She has also been a life saver in my own personal life. I've had quite a lot of ups and downs in life. In high school, I always seemed to be creating some sort of drama, and it was always T who was there with encouraging words, or to just listen to me. I never felt judged around her, but I always knew she would tell me the truth, as she saw it.

It's such a rarity, but it seems I've been blessed with quite a few honest friends. I can always count on T to give it too me straight, and I often don't question her opinions because she has an uncanny way of being able to see multiple sides of an issue, and evaluate it fairly.

I really value that quality most in her. She is one of the most judicious friends I have. Aloof from drama, but always ready to lend help to those who need it.

T also helped me when I was at my lowest point. My freshman year of college. Before all this God stuff happened. I think it was in those couple days, that I realized just how much crap this woman has put up with from me. I won't list it all here, but it's quite a list...

I write about God a lot, and how he works through people. I firmly believe that God is always present, and shows his care through the people around us. T was that person, and not just in that moment, but for as long as I've known her.

I think it was that realization that really brought a lot of truth into my life. Realizations about self, about God, and about friends. The knowledge that, as rotten as I'd been, my friend was still there for me. Still cared, and wanted to see me find better...that made all the difference.

I did find better, and it feels pretty damn good, I must say.

In life, we all have our battles to fight; but it's times like those that, I believe, God places friends like T in our lives. They're people who inspire, motivate and encourage you. They're people who help you to see that tomorrow's going to be a little brighter than today was. Sometimes, you need a dear friend to save your life. I have a friend like that, and I'm truly blessed and honored to be a part of her story...

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