Sunday, January 8, 2012

Thoughts On Tebow Time

I can't believe I'm doing this.
My friend Paul would probably shake his head sadly, as I jump on the Tebow train...

Paul is a smart guy. He knows a lot about sports, stats, and he often posts lengthy statuses on Facebook with predictions of game outcomes on a weekly basis.

I, on the other hand, am not a sports junkie. I don't follow stats or percentages. I'm probably the least qualified person to talk about sports.

That said...

I'll tell you why I like Tim Tebow.

First off, if you don't know who Tim Tebow is, then kindly crawl back to that rock you've been living under, and don't read this post. You won't get it.

Tim Tebow, current starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos football franchise, has been the trending topic in football this season. That's right, you heard me. A Broncos quarterback, heading a mediocre team has been making all the headlines, and has become a NFL sensation over the course of 12 short weeks. He's garnered quite a following in the process.

When Tebow took over, the Broncos were battered, demoralized, and certainly not playoff contenders by any stretch of the imagination. Former quarterback Kyle Orton eventually got the proverbial "axe", and later came back to exact his revenge on his former team, only by that point Tebow was 7-3, and Orton's team didn't make the playoffs.

The Broncos were pretty much guaranteed a playoff spot by that point. This incredible 180 that was taken by the Broncos was attributed, by many, to the infectious team spirit which Tebow brought to the playing field.

Critics are quick to point out that his numbers, and statistics are garbage. In fact, there are quite a lot of people who love to hate Tebow. If not for his statistics, or lack thereof, then for his faith in God. Many are offended when he frequently celebrates good plays, by dropping to one knee and thanking God for the moment.

But here's the thing...
The Broncos weren't winning before Tebow took the helm. Now they've finished off the first round of the playoffs against a vaunted Pittsburgh Steelers team.

People talk all the time about teams that "deserve" the playoffs more, but the truth is that those teams had their opportunities, and they aren't there now.

There is no denying that Tim Tebow has brought a revitalizing spirit to this Denver Broncos offense. There's a new wind blowing in Mile High Stadium tonight.
I won't throw stats your way because I don't think numbers tell the whole story. Here's another view of that story for you...

Tim Tebow is in his first season as a starter, he's a rookie.

Denver implemented a virtually entirely new offense, suited to Tebow's strengths (this means they had no offseason to practice, fine tune, and perfect a new style (not commonly seen in the NFL).

Tebow finds a way to win. Some games haven't been pretty, but, let's be honest folks, at the end of the season the number of wins and losses become the only stat that matters.

Most importantly, Tebow is comfortable with who he is. He has convictions, and even if you don't personally share those convictions it is certainly an admirable trait. He doesn't back down, he isn't a chameleon who simply is whatever color happens to please people on any given day.

Perhaps that's a big part of his appeal. He isn't a skeeze-bag, he's a genuine man of faith. I think that it is this particular trait that influences other aspects of his life. It's the reason he's driven, and spends each week working harder toward a better performance. That, in turn, is the reason his teammates gravitate so strongly to him.

As a lifelong Chicago Bears fan, I can appreciate the value of having, not only a quarterback who can post some decent numbers, but a team leader as well. I can appreciate this, because the Bears have not had one of those for, well, about three decades now.

Quarterbacks who are born leaders make a world of difference to an offense. Tebow energizes his offense, if he makes a bad play (and there have been plenty to choose from), he won't sulk, or pout, but instead will look at his books, and prep for the next drive. He's passionate about the game, but doesn't let it consume him either like many other "drama-queen" quarterbacks.

At the end of the season, I'll let the pundits page through the stats, and make their snarky comments about Tebow. I'll let the critics slander and malign him if they really want to. That's their deal.

But what Tebow is doing for the Broncos is just the beginning. I think he has potential, and that he's definitely won my respect with his classiness, both on the field and off.

I'm not saying I want this guy for president or anything, but, I think, that quarterback of the Denver Broncos may suit him just fine.

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