Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Tribute to V-Day

I decided to use red text today in honor of V-Day, aren't I festive?

Ah Valentine's Day.

The day when couples all over the world nauseate their single counterparts, by doing super cheesy, over-the-top flamboyant acts.

Big red heartshaped boxes of candy appear everywhere.
Teddy bear adoptions skyrocket.
Dinner and a movie becomes expensive dinner and a chick flick.
PDA abounds. (Ick.)

Yep, gotta love this time of the year.

Have you ever noticed that single people kind of try to "explain away" this holiday?

For example...

For the weeks leading up to it, you'll hear singles say all kinds of things like:

"It isn't even a real holiday."


"I wouldn't want anyone to do anything for me on Valentine's Day, it's sooo ridiculous."


"Jesus is my Valentine!" (A personal favorite of my own)


"It isn't Valentine's Day, it's really Hagen Dazs appreciation day!"

Really? Really? Come on now single people! Lighten up!

You know that you'd be going right along with the multitude of happy couples if you happened to find yourself in a relationship on this Hallmark holiday! You know that even those heart shaped antacids known as "candy hearts" that say 'hug me', code for "vomit when you eat this", would seem exciting and exotic if you were in love on Valentine's Day. I would too.


Because we humans are fascinated by the idea of love. We go to great lengths to find it. Ever see people in crazy relationships? You wonder why the heck they put up with half the crap they do? That's just "love." Love causes people to scale mountains, travel seas...to share the remote. It's a powerful thing.

So it's quite natural for singles to be jaded and cynical round this time of year. Everyone is sampling a little slice of love for dessert, while we're left to devour gallons of ice cream alone.

Here's the thing though...

Love isn't about candy boxes. It isn't about fancy dates. It's definitely not about warm fuzzy feelings, as crazy as that may seem.

Love is something, even singles can experience.
Because it goes deeper than the superficial labels we use to market it.

Love is what happens when your heart breaks for a friend who's struggling. When you realize that you'd do anything to take their pain away, that's love. Love is what happens when you take that extra time out of your schedule to help a stranger, expecting nothing in return. Love is holding on to a promise, even when everyone else tells you to let it go, because it's easier to break your word than to keep it.

Love is serving another who has never been served.
Love is forgiving someone who doesn't deserve it.
Love is giving what you have, to those who don't.

Love isn't contained within the boundaries of a dating relationship.

And that's my point today.

We have the capacity to love, and the power to choose it today, and every other day of the year.

Valentine's Day may be singles awareness day, but it doesn't mean that those singles are devoid of opportunities to love, and to be loved in return.

It simply means, we may not get a cool teddy bear to prove it. I'm ok with that.


Anonymous said...

I don't care what you say! I'm still gonna be the jaded single guy denouncing V-Day as a marketing gimmick!

j/k. Good post!

Josh said...

haha it's all good man! cynics are the yin to the yang...no wait...

Julie said...

So true. I spent my Valentines day with my two best friends, we wrote each other cards and everything and I felt so loved, despite being single :)

Josh said...

That's really awesome Julie!