Friday, March 30, 2012

Pieces Fit?

So, I was thinkin' about this the other do we know we got the dinosaurs right?

I mean, you've got a ton of old, dried up bones in the ground.

Some are close together, and seem to correspond, others...not so much. Some are kinda scattered about.

Sometimes paleontologists need to piece them together.

How do we know that the dinosaurs we see in Disney's Fantasia, or in kid's books, are what the dinosaurs actually looked like?

This is the shit I think about...

Take for example...T-Rex.

Badass dude. Kinda the "bouncer" of the dinosaurs, the one you'd want watching your dino night club door...but he's got these skinny-ass arms! What's up with that?

One of these things, is not like the others! Giant muscled legs, strong powerful jaw line, razor sharp teeth and...little, dinky arms?!?!

This has got to be a manufacturing error!

Think about how Rexy, up in dinosaur heaven, was probably dying a bit inside, as the paleontologists unearthed his skeleton...then attached the arms of his last meal to his body. *Facepalm*!!!! "Really guys, really?!?"

Or how bout the Stegosaurus?

Pretty basic, four legged, solid frame. Tail, and......... plates sticking out of his back?? Spikes/club on the end of his tail? Granted, the spikes can make a pretty cool weapon, but how do we know they didn't just attach a random rock, or petrified coconut to his butt?

How do we know the plates weren't actually a part of his skin, rather than a fashion statement?

Some dinos just look plain wonky.

Velociraptors, apparently, have an enlarged toe, that doubles as a shank.
The Brachiosaurus has a permanent goose egg on it's head.

But the one that takes the proverbial cake, in my opinion, is the Archeopteryx.

What in the good Lord's name was somebody smoking when they pieced together this baby??

I don't know how many lizards currently fly, but I'm quite certain they aren't in the majority. It's looking at illustrations like these that makes me think to myself...ok, maybe we missed something, or didn't quite put the pieces together the right way...

What do you think?

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