Monday, March 19, 2012

Still Frames

My friend Dom recently told me that she has a hard time deleting photos. She said that each image is kind of like a piece of life.

As I flip through photos on Facebook, it occurs to me that our life is a series of stills.

Our lives, while active in the present, are also a compilation of frozen images. A string of constant experience, yet only some being captured. We can never duplicate an experience, the feelings we felt, or the interactions we had.

Each experience is unique.

Memories, the things we cling to, are captured in images. I'll never have an experience again, that will make me feel as I did on my 23rd birthday, but when I look at pictures from that night, I'll remember exactly how it felt.

Photographs are beautiful things.

We live and create. Music is the soundtrack to our lives, but photographs actively preserve the past.

Videos do this too, but photographs, specifically, pique my interest.

As I flip through different friends' photos on Facebook the still frames of their lives, the precursors, which are a culmination of the person they are today, I can't help but wonder what the experiences were like to them. What must it have been like to live their life?

I wonder which experiences impacted them the most. Which experiences induced a rush, and filled them with life, and which ones brought them sadness, or anxiety?

Then, I flip through my life. Sometimes. It makes me sad, and happy at the same time. I know I'll never have these cherished memories back, yet they are, in fact, cherished.

Looking through our still frames periodically is important.


I don't believe you can fully live, till you remember where you've been.

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