Wednesday, April 25, 2012


It's an adrenaline rush.
The rebellious voltage, racing through my veins.

How'd I get here??

Just a few moments ago, I felt still.
Suddenly, I'm thrust into chaos.

Stranger still...
I kinda like it.

The chaos reminds me that I'm alive.

It's what pushes violently against complacency. It fights to get out, like it's trapped within my skin. It's a monster, but a monster I love.

I can't imagine how anyone could bask in light, without facing the dark.

How can anyone know peace, without first experiencing violence?
How can I appreciate the air, without first finding myself in danger of drowning?
How can I love, without loss?

And this, friends, is the shadowy secret. Paradox.

Despite it's best attempts to the contrary, the chaos actually serves to bring life to order.
It makes life more vibrant. Fresh. New.
The colors that surround us bleed a new boldness, and life itself seems sweet once again, rather than mundane.

Rather than destruction, the chaos only brings new beginnings.

When I feel the chaos begin, I know that good things are to come.
Some would tame the beast, but I let it run free. It's not containable.

It's our nature.
And it's in that nature, that we see so clearly our need for rescue.
If you don't face the monster, you'll never know your need for something greater...

God is bigger than the monsters that run loose in our lives. But, sometimes, we need the monster running wild, to see it.


Laena said...

Makes me think of the song "Chaos" by Mute Math. I choreographed and performed the craziest group dance to that song for church once. It was kind of awesome!

Josh said...

Definitely going to check out that song! Did you get a video?

Laena said...

A video of our dancing? No. There may be a random video out there that someone might have recorded, but I don't know who would have this random video.