Saturday, April 28, 2012

Let Go

We're writing a story every day. I've said this before.

But something I forgot to mention was that one of the most difficult things about writing a story, is coming across a part that no longer fits.

Have you been to this place?

A place that you realize that these pages can no longer be a part of the story you're telling?

It's absolutely painful to tear them out. To toss them away. These are sections of your life that you've been writing for weeks, months, years...

Suddenly you find yourself clinging to these lines, though you know you should let go. These lines, after all, are incredibly important to you. To lose these memories, experiences, or relationships would be like losing a piece of your heart.

Maybe you do in the process.

But not all lines are worthy to stay in your story.

Sometimes it's best to burn these scribbled pages, riddled with barely discernible chicken-scratch scrawled across them. Erase marks, and corrections prevalent; evidences of your continual attempts to write a story with no outcome. Sometimes these lines, though important to you, can only serve to injure, or reawaken heaviness of the heart. Sometimes these lines can hinder life that's yet to come...

We aren't meant to live in sorrow.
We're meant to overcome sorrow.
Sometimes we're our biggest obstacle, when it comes to finding joy.

Holding tightly to the page, standing over the fire. Indecisive. Scared. Uncertain. Opening the clenched fist, one finger at a time, a slow agonizing process. Until the page slides from you, and you see the warm flames greedily lapping up this part of your life...a part of your life that you allowed to hold you back.

It's like feeling chains open and fall to your feet.

You can breathe again.
Your lungs aren't twisted up in knots anymore.
Suddenly the light, that seemed an elusive whisper waiting, always, around the corner, is now visible and real.

Not all pages are meant to remain in our stories.
Letting go is the hardest part.

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