Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Taste of Heaven

I can't get Pandora out of my mind.

 Yes, I recently bought James Cameron's cash cow, known as Avatar, on DVD. If you haven't seen it, think a Romeo and Juliet and Earth Day hybrid. Better yet, think Pochahontas meets the Lorax and you have a pretty good idea of what the movie is.

 It's not a new story being told here, in fact, the similarities to Pochahontas alone are nothing short of eerie. But, if you can get past that fact, then you can allow this stunning visual masterpiece (created by Cameron and crew) sweep you away, to a distant world and the adventures that await. This movie is so incredibly powerful, and something wakes up in me every time I see it. I really can't explain it.

It's this feeling of loss, and a desire for adventure, something new, and a longing for the way things should be. It's really strange, the feelings that a race of blue humanoids can illicit, but I guess that's what creating great art can do.

Looking around, I wonder often at how proud we are of our insignificance. We made cars. Great. We made buildings. Fantastic. We can fly. Who'd have thunk!?

But, it just doesn't seem like enough. We look around in America, all the time, and we aren't satisfied. Sooner or later you've drunk all you can drink. You've smoked all you can smoke. You've screwed everybody there is to screw. And who really needs another thingy-ma-bob?? Honestly.

Thus, we go on a grand search for something new, desperately wanting to find that faint glimmer of something more. Having stuff doesn't matter after awhile, but to find adventure. That rush. Someone to share a greater story with...well now, that's something worth finding.

I think that, in Avatar, Pandora offers glimpses of heaven; at least it does to me. I think that's why it moves me so strongly. The natives are so in tune with everything that the earth offers. With each other. They recognize the fabric that knits them all together, and acknowledge the creator of that fabric.

Pandora also shows a unique, unfiltered view of heaven in it's nature. The sheer beauty that abounds all around, causes me to ache for that which is being lost daily here on our own planet. The plants, the wildlife bursting with a palette of luminescent color, what would it be like to live in a world where things like phones, clocks, and gas prices didn't matter? Where we could live, constantly surrounded by original beauty?

I wish we lived in that world.

The thing that reminds me most of heaven in the movie, is the bond the two main characters share. The depth of relationship they have, after all they endure together is remarkable. You can feel the electricity, the sorrow, the joy, the awe at new discoveries.

What would that depth be like?
How I long for that.

So what now?

We obviously can't re-engineer this world. We can't turn back the clock, and erase our mistakes.

How can we find a slice of heaven? Is it possible?

I don't really know. But, I do know this; life is too short to wait around for the remarkable. Heaven and beauty do exist here, and they're ours to enjoy. We have to be bold enough to strike out, and seek it, and when we do that, we may find a Pandora of our very own. And when we do, may we cling to it, with all we have...


Kylee said...


Love your blog. Your writing really is powerful and always makes me think. We must skype in the next couple of weeks. Hope all is well my friend :)

Josh said...


That is probably the highest compliment you could ever give me! Thank you!! And I agree, a lot has happened since the last time we talked. Lets make this happen! :)