Friday, May 4, 2012

This Road

In six short days, my friend Tim and I are packing our bags and hitting the road. We're doing a nine day tour of America's deep south, and the west coast. I can't begin to put into words how excited I am for this. It's a desire I've always had, but never had the money to actually act upon.

Sometimes I just need to get away from home. The familiar. The routine. Please don't misunderstand...I have a great life. Great job, and great friends. I'm comfortable where I am, and am happy with things overall.

But sometimes, for me, that's the problem. The times I've learned the most about myself, are the times I've been away from the known. They're the times that I've ventured forth, and left behind the well worn ruts of routine.

And too much of this good thing, can make it quite hard to breathe. That's how I feel right now. Like it's hard to breathe. The air is too familiar. To thick with the predictable. I need to breathe something fresh. I need to go learn something new. Experience new things. Otherwise the restlessness builds up.

I feel like this experience will help me gain my bearings again.
I'm blessed to be going with a great friend, Tim. I'm sure we'll have a fantastic time.

Sometimes roads lead us away from home, and those we love most. Sometimes that's the only way we can see them in a new light. Sometimes it takes leaving to truly come home.

We all have roads that we can choose to take. We can walk boldly, or timidly. We can resist movement, and we can even choose to remain where we are. Not moving another inch. But if you do, you may never experience the beauty of new fields, forests and friends. You can't ever look back fondly, if you refuse to move.

So move I shall.

Wherever your road could lead you, I pray you have the courage to take the first step. Sometimes life will look completely different when you do, sometimes you'll ache for what was. But it's ok, it's really ok.

Cherish what was. Look eagerly to what's ahead. Soak in every moment of now.

All it takes is one step forward.

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