Saturday, July 7, 2012

Natural Beauty

So, when I was browsing Facebook just the other day I ran across an article that one of the talk show hosts I follow posted. The first few sentences grabbed my attention (kudos to you sensationalistic media).

Here's the first paragraph...

At 14, Britney Marshall is apparently going through something of a ‘funny phase’.
She works hard at school and dreams of going to university one day. And if that isn’t strange enough, she has absolutely no desire to have breast implants.

This disturbing state of affairs has left her mother Chantal, who had great hopes for her youngest child, wondering where she has gone wrong...

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This is an actual story, believe it or not. I searched everywhere for some kind of indication that it may be a parody, or spoof of some other story. You know, something you'd find in The Onion or something? No such luck. This story was covered by several news outlets, all saying the same thing.

Naturally my reaction was something along the lines of : WHAT THE HELL?!?!?


Ladies, can you even imagine your mother trying to persuade you that your natural figure isn't satisfactory? Can you imagine having a discussion about chest enhancement at 14 years old? Maybe you can. I know, for a fact, however that my parents would never have even mentioned this to my sisters.

Yet, this kind of thing isn't uncommon. In the last decade, breast implants have started to become more common as graduation presents for senior girls. Again, can you imagine? Your parents are sending you off to college, but they want you to get fake boobs so you can "fit in."? Well...I guess fitting "in" isn't the goal, is it?

I think the greatest tragedy, is that poor Britney finds herself the black sheep of her family, simply because she's choosing to stay in her natural body. She isn't interested in being fake, or garnering attention because of an exaggerated feature of her body.

I have sisters. I know what they have had to deal with on a regular basis. It isn't enough that society consistently hammers away a message of airbrushed bliss to women. It isn't enough that we see in the media that the only thing that will bring you happiness is having the perfect nose, eyes, teeth, boobs, butt, legs or whatever. Those two forces alone are enough to make any adolescent, or even a young adult, feel shaky in their own skin. Now we have mothers telling their daughters that they 'like how fake and glamorous' they look. What's a girl to believe?

Ladies, I want to tell you something straight up. As a red-blooded, American guy, I've seen my share of airbrushed, fake, "glamorous" women. I've seen what society tells me I should believe is beautiful. I've also seen the fallout of these astronomical expectations of beauty manifest themselves in both physical, and emotional scarring on some of the most beautiful girls I've ever had the pleasure to know.

As a guy, I want to tell you this, when I look for someone I don't look for someone fake. I don't look for a fixed up nose, or ridiculously huge boobs. Odds are, actually, that your natural self is already quite attractive, and you may not even fully realize it yet. I'm not lying. But your beauty goes beyond the shell too.

One thing that I find incredibly beautiful, is the ability for a woman to be content in her natural skin. I know that society, and the media, and even peers can tell you differently. Don't buy it. Take it from a guy. Natural is beautiful. You don't have to be something you're not. You don't have to bow to the unrealistic expectations of a media that airbrushes women till they aren't even recognizable anymore.

You don't have to carry that burden with you. In fact, when you release that, and find contentment in your natural beauty, you're free to become twice the woman you were before.

When it comes down to it, most guys who are looking for a companion, want someone who will be real with us. Someone who isn't painted up all day every day with caked on makeup, and fried and dyed hair. We want someone who's real.

I want someone who's real.

Now, let me say, though I disagree with it, I don't believe cosmetic surgery is evil. I don't believe it should be banned because of crackpot mothers, or absent fathers.

All I'm saying is that, humans aren't cars. What I mean by that is that we don't need to continually soup up the exterior to make up for an inadequate engine. Because that's really what cosmetic surgery does. It helps boost someone's confidence when they have nothing to run on inside. A car that looks "hot" on the outside, but doesn't have an solid engine won't take you places. A person who looks nice, but has no depth of character won't find someone who will stick around. Simple as that.

I guess what I'm trying to say, is that this article really helped me understand an important truth.

It strengthened my conviction that parents have an incredible responsibility.

Though Britney seems like she's a sharp, wise 14 year old, her parents, and siblings have influence over her. Parents shape children into adults. It's just part of nature. So when a parent is a crackpot, the child is likelier (in many cases), to be a crackpot. But, if the parent emphasizes to their child that life isn't about being a pinup model for people to salivate over, then a child is likelier to turn out more self-confident, and content in their own skin.

At the end of the day, what I'd say to the ladies who think a pair of boobs, or a tuck or a nose job would bring them happiness is this: You are uniquely created. There isn't another you to be found in this world...why trade that? Fake doesn't equal beauty in my book.


Tim said...

Perhaps her parents are just interested in her having the widest range of men to pick from - as she'll be attracting more of them with her fake boobs. Really, Josh. These parents are thinking far ahead and even though Brittany may not understand it now, she'll appreciate the slew of sleezy guys she has at her gate in just a few years. Besides, kids don't have rights anyway. Whats the big deal?

Haha. Seriously though - I enjoyed your post.

Josh said...

Lol. Oh of course! How stupid of me. ;) lol