Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hills We Die On...

I sat down with my pastor a few weeks ago for a coffee klatsch and, let me tell you, it was pretty damn refreshing.

Pastor Jay always has a way of humbly, firmly reminding me of the things that really matter. Do you have someone like that in your life? Someone who can sift through all the tumultuous crap of your life, and salvage the bits of gold from your soul that you had forgotten existed?

Because we all forget sometimes. We all get wrapped up in the things that matter least, and lose sight of the core truths which we have always held dear.

My nugget of wisdom I brought away from our conversation (thanks to Jay's sifting), was that we all have to choose our hills to die on. That is, we pick the values that we are going to fight, and metaphorically die for.

It caused me to think a lot about the things I'd never compromise. The things that I'll defend with tenacity, no matter what others may say.

I've never really talked about politics here. It can be quite stressful to some and, though it interests me a lot, I don't feel that politics will be a hill I choose to die on. Despite my holding strong convictions in this particular venue I do (at my core) realize that politics, like any other institution is governed by men. Men are flawed. Thus, these institutions often fail. If I place my whole self into this arena, I know that I will never leave fulfilled.

So, then, what are the hills I'd die on?

Firstly, my faith.

Faith is the lens through which you can begin to decipher the puzzle of life. It is the gateway to God. Without faith, we are the masters of the meaningless. Life has no merit. Because if we are, in fact, mere products of chance, then this very existence is pointless. I've been there. I've seen nothingness, and I've been pulled back from that vast waste. I know whose arms held me, and continue to hold me. There is nothing in this entire world I'd trade for my faith. This is the first hill I'd gladly die on.

Secondly, my family.

I've been incredibly blessed with a beautiful, loving family. A luxury many do not have. We have our faults. We have our fights. But, at the end of the day, we are family, and nothing can ever sever our loyalty to each other.

And thirdly, my friends.

Without my friends, I honestly don't know who, or where I'd be as a person. They've kept me grounded, and given me a reason to keep fighting when I'd used all the fight I had. Nothing anyone says will get in the way of me and my friends.

Faith, family, and friends. These are the values I cherish. These are the hills I'd die defending, no questions asked.

Turning A New Leaf


It wasn't indefinite.

Actually, if I'm quite honest, I missed this. Perhaps more than I knew. So now I have to swallow my words (yes, you were right Rachel, I'm now back).

Partially motivated by my friend Tim, who recently just received his first copy of his first book. I figured that I had to start writing again.

I can't have him outdoing me, could I?

So now it is time for a new chapter. There will be lots of catching up to do. New pictures and stories to be told.

We'll see how long this lasts.