Monday, December 10, 2012

The Pursuit of Mediocrity

It isn't really a secret that my generation is self important to a fault. The millennials are really quite self absorbed, and narcissistic. It saddens me to say this, but more often than not I find this to be the gospel truth. A generation with no regard for history, for authority, for altruism. A generation that is dead at its core. Rotting from inside out.

It's because we have been taught by our parents, our society, and our entertainment, that mediocrity is ok.

One example of this, is how millennials refer to their job titles. For instance, as a janitor, I was told that my job was a "Custodial Service Technician." As a bank teller, I was told that I was actually a "Customer Service Representative I." As if anyone who banked there really cared.

I see this all the time on Facebook. Friends will enter, under the 'employment' section, some fancy title that really refers to a very basic, entry level, skill-less job.

Therein lies our downfall.

I've noticed, over the years, that the people who have greatness in them spend much less time worrying about tailoring a glamorous job title to fit a less than glamorous job. They call their job what it is and, instead, spend more time investing in their dreams. But, in a society where the ideal that "everyone needs to feel special" is predominant, there has been a nasty, unintended consequence. Youth remain stagnant, rather than advancing. Because, when you're already something special, why strive for anything better?

I've been raised with a mindset that, to get where I want to be, I have to get my hands dirty. I have to work hard, and at jobs that don't hand out accolades all the time. I've been taught that this world owes me nothing and that, while I'll always be loved by those closest to me, there is no guarantee my life will be remotely remarkable. It's that simple fact that drives me. It spurs me on to try greater things. Because everyone wants to be something special. Everyone wants to believe they have greatness within them.

Greatness isn't an accident. It is to be striven for. It continually improves upon itself. And, most importantly, it doesn't try to create a facade of grandeur, where grandeur is absent.

You too can be great. God doesn't make mistakes. But greatness is determined by our awareness of self.

Look in the mirror. Take a good, hard look. Be honest. Do you like what you see? Have you arrived? Or is there potential to yet be released?

Then ask yourself if you're ready to act. Without action, there's no movement. Without movement there's only mediocrity.


Tim said...

Back to blogging?

Josh said...

So it would seem. Lol

Andrea Darkness said...

Yeah I'm glad my job title is simple. When I gave Rave concer flyers out we use to call ourselves "Flyer Bitches" needless to say this is not the title I gave myself on my job applications.

Andrea Darkness said...

Yay you're back!