Monday, August 24, 2015


With my recent lifestyle subtractions there has, in fact, been a notable addition which I feel is worth mentioning. That is the implementation of regular listening to classical music.

This addition has actually spurred my motivation to recommit to the other activities I've been undertaking, and has really added an extra sense of clarity and invigoration to my life. Seems strange doesn't it? I mean, it's only music; old, dusty music at that, what's the big deal?

In our current culture the concept of being a renaissance man (or woman) is as common as seeing a Packer fan cheering for the Bears. That is to say, it's virtually nonexistent yet it is that type of personality which is so desperately needed in our culture. 

Here is why:

In a culture starved for substance much of what you and I are fed as the consumers of the system is garbage. Not all, but certainly most because this system isn't set up to create innovators or thinkers. Our education system isn't designed to train the scrutinous mind, but rather the subservient spirit. Our food industry isn't created to offer beneficial nutrition, rather it is designed to mass produce cheap chemical compounds which convert the individual into a regular customer. 

The same goes for our music industry. Pop music, though catchy, is all part of a business scheme to acquire your money in exchange for a 3-4 minute "sugar" high which is over in a matter of a day or two, until the next formula is created. The music industry by and large isn't created to enhance artistry. That is why so many great artists are in the underground.

Yet, for all the flaws of monarchies past, those societies of history did value one thing, the genius of a composer. Listen to Beethoven's symphonies! Mozart, Handel, Mussorgsky, Dvorak, Wagner... Listen to the intricacies of the music. Explore the history behind the symphonies and why they were writte, and in what context. 

The sheer emotion conveyed through masterful musicianship, and the way these masterpieces echo throughout eternity is something the pop singer of today could only hope to dream of and certainly never aspire to.

These works tell stories far more profound because they aren't simply focused on the singer's person. 

Sometimes, when I'm prepping for work in the morning I will bring up a symphony on YouTube and allow the sounds to carry me on a journey for 30-45 minutes before I have to leave for work.

On these particular days I arrive at my place of employment with a deep contemplative sense of awe. My job, being montonous allows me time to reflect on the brilliance and intellect of the works which have stood the test of time. 

They inspire me to find my own niche and to excel, spurred toward the ever glorious calling of the destiny which my God has given me.

This is something that pop music certainly could never do.


Jennifer Andrea said...

For similar reasons I've been listening to lots of worship music or more abstract singer songwriter music. Classical music is also beautiful with a deeper meaning and message often different for the listener.

Josh said...

Refreshing isn't it??