Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Searching for Simplicity

Life, as of late, has a crowded sort of feeling attached to it. Have you ever just reached your "end"? We all have a threshold that we can reach, a place where unplugging is necessary. A place where the noise of life becomes far too much and seeking solitude becomes a tantalizing, yet elusive aim. Every single day you and I are fed.

You may not realize it fully but while we think (as consumers) that we are the ones in control, the truth is that we are simply guinea pigs in the laboratories of business. I've always been a proponent of capitalism, I think it is the only human system thus devised that allows for the maximum amount of liberty to the individual. Socialism, fascism, theocracy, these systems have all shown their flaws through and through. However, capitalism is also beginning to witness its very own fallacy exposed.

The truth that slavery exists in the very real, physical sense, but that there is also slavery of the soul. You and I have everything we could possibly desire at our fingertips yet we still come up empty. There is a hole left within is that acquiring things cannot fill. After beginning to realize that we are simply target demographics to marketers, numbers on paper in the ever expansive quest to attain worthless bits of paper and illusory prestige, we can truly begin to appreciate the callous nature of the slave-masters and their ingenious system.

A system designed to free the body but imprison the senses, I believe that's an accurate paraphrase of Tocqueville, although he merely referred to democracy, not economics.

So what then is our recourse against the injustice we have allowed ourselves to be subjected to?


You do not need things to be complete. You do not need to conform to the world's idea of complete.

I've spent a large part of my life buying what I was told I had to have, simply to find that it was only a short lived euphoric blur. Then it was on to the next new thing.

I'm sick of being a slave, aren't you?

I've abandoned my social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter), the one Twitter account that remains is for podcasting purposes, but even that requires a desktop unit to access and deliberate planning.

Nearing the second month ending of my lifestyle fast and I have found myself free of patronizing businesses who sell me cheap poison to ingest, and have supplemented that mostly with whole foods. I have limited my wardrobe to one set of clothes to remember those less fortunate, and I have re dedicated myself to reading and study.

These actions aren't for the purpose of legalism, but a conscious practice in rebellion. Rebellion is a right we've always had but is seldom talked about. It isn't in the interest of the power structure.

You have a right to revolution and this revolution to counter the emptiness of materialism, to gain freedom from mental and emotional slavery and abuse, this freedom lies in but one word...


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Jennifer Egan said...

I feel very much the same.