Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Freedom of Labour & Legacy

It is difficult for me to comprehend how people can live an unconcerned life. How can one simply "not care"  beyond a given night? The YOLO culture of self-indulgent narcissism is a plague, voluntarily accepted, yet partially foisted upon the human spirit which was itself divenely destined for greater cause.

To me this carefree mentality runs contrary, religious arguments aside, to the basic logic of survival which is as natural to man as breathing air.

Yet, as humans, our history has repeatedly counteracted this logic when mankind lives long in the state of prosperity. Prosperity, a state of plenty and void of want, is an insidious agent spreading the contagions of nihilism, excess, and self-hatred in even the noblest of countenances.

What is it about this state of plenty, or void of want which destroys man's desire to live deliberately. Repeatedly throughout the ages we have vivid depictions of man being the agent of his own ruin immortalized, yet forgotten.

This, I believe, is the preeminent evidence of a flawed nature, which many blindly deny as they jubilantly march the path trodden by their fallen predecessors.

It is a decay embedded deeply within the core of our being, devouring our former glory, our ancient immortality long forgotten.

This is why I believe labour, toil and legacy are as vital to our redemption as mortals as a physician's remedy is relieving to a malicious malady. Plenty allows complacency and a loss of perspective in regard to true value of that which is accomplished. Work and toil allows one to appreciate the merit by which and end was accomplished. They allow for reflection and contribute to a calculated, moderated approach to all future endeavors.

Legacy counteracts plenty, plenty which argues to consume immediately without hesitation is balanced by legacy which looks to the eternal wellbeing of the posterity. Plenty demands man to be subject to the momentary passions whereas legacy implores him to be governed by the good of others.

Abundance then, is an opportunity to use the tools of labour and legacy to combat the cancerous condition of self serving indulgence which all men have available to them in a society of plenty.

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