Thursday, August 27, 2015

The New Order of Things

It is quite common for one to inadvertently recoil upon hearing the words "New World Order" because any topic of conversation revolving around these words seems steeped in conspiracy theories and riddled with crazies. The mainstream media has done a fantastic job of demonizing this segment of the population but they have not been completely unaided, as the proponents of these theories have done much to indict their own credibility in the first place.

I'll ask you to consider the tendencies of humanity though and perhaps you can ponder the greater bearing these tendencies may have on the future.

Why has man, throughout the ages and despite constant historical warning, continually submitted to consolidated power bases? 

Why have charismatic leaders been so easily able to manipulate the public time and time again?

This is because mankind is perpetually searching for benevolent dictatorship. Sounds strange, I know, but we are searching for that lost piece of the divine puzzle. Our relationship with God is fractured and we continually try to patch the break with hopeful aspirations of a utopian state. We all long for safety, prosperity, peace...all subjects which those with ambition to power exploit to the profit of their designs.

And here we are again, you and I, the world on the brink of darkness. Europe financially unstable, China incredibly volatile, Russia looking to collapse the dollar, terrorism on the rise, an American empire which is bloated with excess, uneducated and complacent. This country is peddled the wares of fear by the media merchants in order to manipulate us into submission. An entire population which is starved for leadership. 

The stage is set.

We are prepared to accept ideologies that fair scrutiny would unwittingly object to, and abdicate our natural freedoms in the interest of security.

One world government was never a possibility before, yet the technology which connects us as a global community makes this sort of coordination possible. A global economy makes this necessary.

I don't have definitive theories about who, or when, but I do believe that the course of human history has led us ever increasingly toward this historically fabled outcome. The possibility exists now, whereas half a century ago it did not.

Just something to think about.

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