Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Reason in Hysteria

With the newest case of gun violence, it is important to step back and employ reason before allowing hysteria to overtake the discussion.We must remember that the media deliberately creates discontent due to the need for ratings as their sustenance. We must remember that politicians will seize on tragedies in order to boost their resumes and appear as though they are "doing all they can", all the while trampling on the graves of the victimized.

This romance between media and government is not only disingenuous, it is incredibly dangerous. It can transform into a power play in which law abiding citizens are stripped of basic liberties they are entitled to. Fear provides the greatest opportunity to exploit public sentiment, to invite the population against itself, and to achieve a consolidation of power not previously attained.

So what is this issue really about?

Some say it's about controlling guns. Getting guns out of the hands of bad people, before they can commit crimes. To do this the government would assert more control over citizens through regulation, taxation, perhaps even more invasive searches into suspects' personal lives. It's all they could do really, because firearms are already regulated and ammo is being bought by the government to limit the supply to the people.

Some people say that the issue is about providing better mental health services and not allowing those with histories of mental health access to firearms. So what does this mean? What is a mental health issue? Is it someone with schizophrenia, or bipolar? Is it someone who takes the occasional anti depressant during gloomy months to combat a seasonal affected disorder? Those with dyslexia?

Who draws the line as to what is the appropriate portion of the population to withhold their guaranteed right to bear arms, as per our bill of rights? The government? So basically anyone who the government deems a "risk to society" will be stripped of their constitutional rights?

Do you see where this can lead?

The problem with a secular society is that when we, as a culture, remove God from the equation we begin to fail to understand ourselves and our natural tendencies.

Man has been killing man since the dawn of time. He has perpetrated abuses against fellow human beings without blinking, and developed ingenious, sadistic methods to do so in the process. 

And this was before guns were even developed. 

The problem is the heart of man. Nobody wants to admit it because this places the blame squarely where it is due. You and I are the problem. We all have darkness within that only God can clear away. Nobody likes to hear this because it isn't a "quick fix". It isn't as simple as hearing some demagogue say that they're going to pass some bill and make it all better, but it's the truth.

I believe that a contributing factor that no one has mentioned in this debate is the rise and prevalence of social narcissism in our society. Everybody is desperately seeking their time in the limelight. There has always been an abundance of information and viewpoints in the world, but in centuries past it was far more difficult to disseminate information on a massive scale. One only became known if one had something worthwhile to offer, and the way one became known was through reading rather than viewing which stimulated different faculties in the mind.

This flies in the face of the YouTube, vine, Facebook, Twitter (etc.) self publishing celebrity culture. Have you ever noticed that once a tragedy occurs most people have to utilize their respective social media platform to share their two cents, even if their two cents is nothing profound or contributing to the discussion? Often, it's either unsubstantive or it's deconstructive. 

The people who publish the little video rants don't actually care about the victimized, they just want people to look at them and the fallacious image they're constructing online.

I won't even mention the ramifications this new Information Age has had upon diabolical intentions to perform such acts. These murderers often are so angry, full of hate and sick of never being heard, and now they have their own personal Hollywood debut to propel them into the stratosphere of notoriety. You know what the saddest part of this is? 

The public gives these individuals exactly what they want. Attention.

The president and various celebrities acknowledge them, the media reports incessantly on it, and social media lights up for days. 

This is all part and parcel to the natural tendency of man. Pride, selfishness, arrogance, envy, hatred... We all have these things within is. That is why God is so essential to the human heart because we all need an understanding beyond ourself. We need to learn to place these things second and seek the heart of God.

That is the only way to end the violence of man. 

That is what secular society cannot possibly comprehend.

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