Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Nullification? Or Convention of States?

You and I live in a period of United States history, in which our government enjoys an unprecedented amount of license in dictating our lives.

It's true.

They regulate the type of lightbulbs we can use, the type of medications we can consume, the kinds of toilets we are allowed to dispose of our waste in, how big our sodas can be.

The list of regulations spawned by extra-governmental agencies is enormous. This growing consciousness of being controlled have led many, from various walks of life, to pursue calling for a Constitutional Convention of States, otherwise known as an Article V Convention.

Article V of the U.S. Constitution was implemented as a way in which the people of the country could check an obtrusive bureaucracy. 

The reason that government ought to be checked is because, in the spirit of Lockien philosophy that informed the creation of our nation, men ought to be free to pursue their own path in life as long as they are not infringing upon the Natural Rights of others. This is the core of America, the very heart of our nation's reason for existence.

Some, within the Liberty movement have belittled the notion of a Convention of States, at which new amendments would be proposed and ratified into our Constitution to set a precedent for limiting the abuse of bureaucratic power.

They say that nullification is a simpler, more straightforward route, and that a Convention is unnecessary. This is wrong on two counts:

Firstly, nullification (the premise that any state can deem a federal law as unconstitutional, thus voiding its legality) is a process open to legal challenge. This idea has never been upheld in federal courts (Gee, I wonder why), which makes perfect sense if you think about it. After all, this is the federal court system that upheld the nationalization of the healthcare market (not to mention the mandates for citizens to pony up to cover the massive cost) as Constitutional. This is the federal court system that ruled it was legal to murder infants for expediency sake, despite the guarantee of the Natural right to life that the babies were due.

A government drunk on power will never willingly give up its authority. That is why Article V exists.

Secondly, nullification is typically a lone-wolf action. One state may say such a law is unconstitutional and try to nullify it, but without the cooperation of other states, and the broader consensus of the people it will not hold water. Nullification has never been upheld when challenge.

This is why a Convention of States is necessary if we are to preserve our Republic, which has undergone a massive recurring assault by Statist ideology for the last century. 

A Convention of States effectively amends the current law indefinitely. It may be challenged, but if the amendment is ratified into the Constitution it is much harder to undo than a legal challenge to nullification. It also allows the opportunity for a show of unprecedented force. Dictatorships or oligarchies only retain their power by consent. 

Those who agree to be ruled are base of all tyrannical control. If that base is removed and those in power see they have no influence over those they rule, they will back down or else face the wrath of the many. A Convention of States allows the people to come together once again and claim their birthright as citizens who create and institute government, not ones who are subject to it. 

It will be a more involved struggle to be sure, yet it is the right course for the American people to take. Our cause is just, and the history of freedom is on our side. Ask your legislator to sponsor or support Convention of States resolutions in your state today! Be the voice who will make history.

It's up to us now.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

7 Helpful Tips for Self-Education

Reading for educational purposes can be tough, especially if you don't read or simply read for fun.

Like any worthwhile endeavor it takes discipline, purpose and the right kind of attitude to be successful.  When I began my informal education in history and political theory my reading projects majorly kicked my butt. However, if my laborious struggles can serve as an aid to others in their search for knowledge then I would happily do it all over again!

Here are the 7 most helpful things I could recommend to my fellow bookworms and knowledge seekers:

7) Read the Editors' Notes 

As with anything in life the most important factor is context, context, context! All that stuff at the beginning may seem like a waste of perfectly good paper which is inhibiting you from the gems of wisdom contained in the pages of the classic you hold before you (after all, these texts have been around for centuries so no introduction necessary, right?). Not so much.

Often these editors' notes have been prepared to give important historical context, and also notations on translations. 

Think of it this way, if not for context someone might think that Tom Marvolo Riddle was a "pretty cool guy"...yeah.

6) Try to Read in "Distraction-Free Zones"

In today's ultra fast-paced society, it's almost impossible to imagine finding a moment of silence, free from busyness.

When reading for education purposes, I've found, it is super helpful to turn of the TV or put the phone on "Do Not Disturb" if possible. Even music can potentially distract the brain from the material an individual is reading.

Being realistic about this is important, it is certainly better to read something even if conditions aren't ideal, but when it comes to things that are in the knowledge-seeker's control it is definitely a great move to diminish any and all distractions to learning.

5) Consistency, people!!

Finding time to read daily, again, isn't always the most realistic goal. Trust me, I have children. However, all great disciplines require some level of consistent application so when it comes to reading try to section out at least 15 minutes a day to read something that expands your knowledge. After awhile, you'll find you prefer reading to spending time on your Newsfeed or re-watching that show you've seen a billion times on Netflix.

4) Highlight!

Highlighting is a great tool one can use to reference ideas and concepts that stand out in a work. When it comes to weight training, an individual doesn't need to be an expert on every element of the subject to know what their body needs to focus on, and what exercises they need to know most about. Same thing is true in reading.

Even if a book is fascinating in all phases, there are key takeaways which a person can apply in everyday life and these are the ones which ought to be highlighted. This way you don't have to re-read the book, or guess by the table of contents which section the concept was in!

3) Read for the Challenge

Reading for entertainment is a very good thing. It is great for the imagination and the creative capacities of the mind, but it can only stretch your brain so far. Sometimes dry is good...kinda like wine (Though I'm sure my wife would vehemently disagree with that notion).

When I first read Locke's Two Treatises on Government, I was way over my head. The prose, and density of the text was nothing short of overwhelming. What I did discover, after soldiering through, was that subsequent works of the time period become much easier to read once you get the hang of it. Sometimes you can pick up even more nuances after reading a certain style for awhile, which is a total bonus.

2) Reference the Writers' Inspirations

Many times in historical, or political theory works there will be references to even earlier texts, and philosophies of other writers. Sometimes the author will even make reference to a certain pamphlet or book which inspired him or her. Follow up on these if you have time. To understand an author, it is imperative to understand not only their time period, but those who greatly influenced their thinking as well.

1) Look Up Words You Don't Understand

I swear I've found an abundance of ridiculously awesome words (OK, nerd alert) in these old books which no one could ever hope to find anywhere else in modern society. Because our modern society kinda sucks, and most people don't know how to use intelligent language when they speak. #ThanksObama

So there you have it! These are things which have helped me in my quest for knowledge. Please comment, share and use your education to serve others in the process! I would also love to hear your tips for self-education so feel free to comment on this article and let me know what worked for you.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Porn, Sex Robots and Authentic Relationships

Recently, I read an article about a startling innovation for the sex industry: the life-size, animatronic sex robot. Sadly, I wasn't surprised, but after watching the artist's interview I did become profoundly disturbed.

Firstly, this shouldn't surprise anyone. This sort of innovation has been a long time in the making. It began when we in this nation began to lose our faith in God; this was the catalyst of what was to come.

We, as a society, set the wheels in motion when we made relationships a feelings-based commodity through no-fault divorce. Next we normalized deviant behaviors by beginning the process of shattering societal taboos based on Judeo-Christian ethic. Once these types of behaviors became largely accepted in regard to human to human interaction the society realized that their insatiable love for deviancy went beyond interaction with another human being. Porn and sex shops, though they have always been around to some degree, also began to lose the stigma surrounding then. Now individuals could absorb sexual acts in th privacy of their homes without any news for the interaction that comes part and parcel to a real relationship.

As the sex industry profited from the "no-strings-attached" mentality which developed as our moral fiber deteriorated, they stepped up their game. They began to market their products to couples as well as singles under the guise of relationship enhancement. Never mind the fact that, in an authentic relationship, the answer isn't to introduce more partners when one isn't satisfied. The answer used to be that the two individuals tried to come together as a unit, and work their problems out as adults and lovers. Not so anymore.

As the sex industry profited off the exploitation of cheap sex the demand skyrocketed. The combinations and deviant acts that began to be demanded wasn't one the industry could pay enough to keep in stock. Enter the human trafficking epidemic. Rape for profit has always existed, but this industry encourages it and some of the shadier elements partake in it. After all, what do you really know about the woman on the other side of the screen?

What is her name?
Where did she come from?
Does she have a good family life?
Are her parents posting missing persons fliers at this very moments?

These questions don't have answers when it comes to the porn industry because the man, or woman, is exactly what they desire them to be to the consumer: a commodity. 

As society began to detach from normalcy in intimate relationships, they began to detach socially as well. Sex toys and robotics are the new wave of human mechanical intimacy which has usurped true social interaction. Flesh lights, vibrators, blow up dolls and a host of other "fun" toys have simply led into this new frontier of animatronic companions. 

The makers themselves claim that they are trying to create pseudo-sentience in the interest of creating an experience for the user. As if giving the robot a personality will change the fact that a human being is fucking an inanimate object which contains no soul. The idea is to craft a personality with which the user can interact, essentially trying to co-opt and counterfeit the natural bonding a human being does with his fellow man or woman. 

What is this? I Robot? Some sci-fi flick you see on late night TV? Have we truly entered the twilight zone? 

Actually, the resemblance this innovation bears to the Stepford Wives is uncanny and unnerving. It is mysiginostic, degrading and ultimately destructive to our drive to others as a species.

In my belief, God has intended you and I for authentic relationships with others. For a special companion he has included the bonding agent which is vital to our success in the endeavor of raising children in a loving home: sex. Every aspect of these good and virtuous designs has been subverted in some form. Healthy relationships have been marred by abuse, emotional bonding is being overthrown by love for inanimate things, the beauty of sex is being distorted by an industry that commoditized and created unrealistic expectations of human beings.

We must break this cycle. Stop the demand. Seek out healthy relationships with others. The history of grossest abuses perpetrated by man upon his fellow man have only been possible when an oppressor is successfully able to dehumanize his opponent. The detachment from our common humanity always leads to a decrease in empathy for our fellow man.

If we don't break this trend and restore authenticity and purpose in our lives, then we are truly destined for dark times. But I know this cycle can be broken. I used to be addicted to porn. I know the feeling of detaching from women and viewing them simply as objects for my satisfaction. It sickens me to even say it. 

The cycle was broken however, and I owe that firstly to God and secondly to my wife who truly taught me what love and forgiveness are. Thirdly I owe it to my children, my baby girls, who I desire to see loved, and genuinely cared for by a man of honor someday. A man who loves God with all his heart and will treat them as the jewels they are. A man who is a better man than I was.

The cycle can be broken, the only question is what are you doing today to break it?