Thursday, January 14, 2016

I Caved...

I have officially given in an obtained an e-reader. Not a super pricey one, mind you; it cost about 60 bucks on Amazon. This move, however, is a landmark one because I have always been notoriously snobby to the e-reader crowd. I have always preferred the physical book "experience", if you will, the smell and feel of a tangible book in my hands, turning the pages, pouring over it into the long hours of the night.

Nevertheless, I have obtained a Nook Glowlight.

I wouldn't have even bought one if the e-reader I had in my possession previously (a gift from an ex-girlfriend who clearly didn't know what a snob I was) had still worked but, alas, it didn't.

The reason I caved was because in my subscription to, a social media platform dedicated to discussing political issues, I have access to a large library of e-books, which I wanted to take advantage of since I've paid for use of this platform. I didn't, however, want to sit on my laptop to read these books, and honestly I don't have time to sit on the computer let alone read. My reading consists of breaks at work, kids nap time and after bedtime on nights my wife is at school.

So that was my justification. Call me a hypocrite, but I have enjoyed my experience thus far, and while I still anticipate enjoying accumulating physical books to the e-reader experience, I will admit the advantages of convenience when it comes to this little device.

My current project is: Omnipotent Government by Ludwig Von Mises, a critique of the economic authoritarian mentality, and how it hinders true freedom civically and personally.

Music today is: In This Moment- The Blood Legion, and Beast Within

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