Saturday, May 14, 2016


What are we doing here? 

When I look around I see things moving, yet moving without purpose. I see existence without meaning. I see religion without action. I see freedom secured with restriction.

Activate your mind, my friend. 

Take it for a walk, give it some exercise and break away from popular culture. Choose to see the tragedy in front of you, saturated with possibilities. Yes, life is tragic. We mustn't shy away from this fact. It is how we handle pain that enables us to experience genuine joy and happiness. If we retreat from the darkness then we are unable to understand why it is we exist. Darkness needs to be combatted. 

Yes, there is pain in life. 

Yes, we love and lose. We witness horror. We experience heart wrenching exploitation and see brokenness in front of our very eyes; but if it is we who choose to look away, to spare ourselves and indulge instead in empty pleasure, then who will remain to heal the wounds of the world?

Who will carry the broken?
Who will free the oppressed?
Who will hear the cries of the suffering and respond?

Religion without action is dead.
Freedom regulated is tyranny.

To break these institutional chains we must activate our minds. We must challenge the status quo, and call bullshit where it exists. We must allow ourselves to see the unseen, and feel the unfelt and we must allow it to change us from within.

The world won't wait for us to step up.

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