The Masks We Wear

We are all players in a wonderful production,
the play of life,
the muse, the inspiration
are those around us.
We are the best actors 
that have ever existed.
What we hide our our vices,
our deepest darkest corners.

Enter stage right, dialogue,
smile for the audience...

We let our lies 
slip forth out of our lips
with masterful delivery, 
twisting and bending truth 
at every plot development.

Time for the soliloquy,
your audience can hear the words
that you do not speak to others
involved in the show...

With no remorse.
No regret. 

We betray all those we care about,
and bask in the glory of the applause.
What a wonderful performance!

These are the masks we wear.

These are the secrets we hold dear.
Honesty is merely another role,
being truthful and virtuous?
Another face we don.
A trusting soul is a rarity in this life
we have put the majority to rest
as the poison of deceit drips 
from our lips.

These are the masks we wear.

Can you truly see through the mask?
or are you awed by the performance?
Can you truly know and trust,
or is it a character that you see?

These are the masks we wear.
This is the life we live.