The Secret Chamber

Deep inside my mind
I live in a state of frozen discontent.
The only source of warmth
is the heat radiating from my rage.
The rage encased by layers of ice.
This is my heart.

Searching, always searching...
Never finding.

A life lived going through motions,
is not worth living...
Have I become a shell?
Hollow, without a soul...

The plains of my soul,
constantly flooded with emotion.
So constantly that all life
has ceased to flourish.

Then comes the dry season,
which leaves me in the state of
emotional drought that I now
find myself living in.

Within my mind I feel like
a traveler must feel at sea.
Never clearly seeing the friendly shores.
And as the storm hits, the waves
violently toss my ship.

Such is life and its obstacles.

My ship sinks
Leaving me to desperately tread the waters
that threaten to consume...

The harder I fight to stay afloat,
the quicker I tire my muscles aching.
Screaming for I give up.

As I surrender I find myself desperately
reaching out for a savior.
Somewhere, anywhere...
My hand grasps only air.

Somehow predictable really.

It is at this moment
that i resign myself to my fate,
and sink into the dark murky depths...