She Walked in the Night

The forest was deep. 
Dark lush shades of green.
The ground moist from a newly 
fallen rain, dew beading upon
patches of grass, their sharp
blades protruding amidst the
pine needles and fallen leaves.

I sat against a tree, 
a weary traveler beaten
down from life's continuous
storms. Exhausted from
the burdens carried upon my
back, which I could not discard
until journeys end.
The forest, though a thing
of beauty around me,
encircled me with a daunting
presence, for I had lost my way.

The vigorous energies of 
purpose and life that had once 
filled me were exhausted
as I stumbled along looking 
and desperately searching for 
a path out of the endless
sea of trees.
And it was in this very 
spot that a magic of sorts came 

As I determined that all was
lost and prepared thus to
end my journey in that place.
I did behold a woman.
Her beauty far surpassing
any woman I had ever seen.
She walked with the night
wrapped about her, like
an immense cloak and yet
the darkness did not touch her.
A tiny but strong glow surrounded
her and kept the darkness from 
reaching her body.

She wore a simple white
silken dress, around her neck
hung a magnificent pendant.
A make I had never seen before.
Her hair an abundance of flowing
curls and laced with various
jems so that it shone like the sun
within her sphere. Her eyes
clear and piercing almost cold.
Her skin as smooth and white
as porcelain, her lips a soft gentle

There was a regalness in the way
she walked. A confidence radiated
from her her chin cocked up in
an almost arrogant way.
I felt immediately diminished
as if in the presence of royalty
or even that which is thought to be 
holy. She approached me her bare feet
making not a sound upon forest
floor.Compared to the light
she emanated the forest seemed 
even blacker than before.
I then felt a mix of fear, shame,
and awe as she reached me and 
leaned forward so that I could 
better study her features.

When she spoke it was the fairest
voice that I had ever beheld.
Pure and soft, yet bold at the same
"Traveler, you have lost your path
and purpose in life."
This was a statement, and though
I knew her not, I could feel her
reading every corner of my soul
as one reads a book.
As she reached the darkest of
corners I could see the pain
flit across her face for she read
that which no one could ever know.

She spoke once again;

"Know that all is not lost, and in this
life you may yet salvage the beauty
that is in store for you. Your purpose is
to live and prosper in this life.
Your time is not yet at its end."

I looked away for I knew of what she 

I then felt her hand under my chin 
and she guided my eyes back up
to her pure face, her eyes so mesmerizing
I could not look away. At that moment
I felt a renewed hope in my soul,
as a glimmer of sunlight pierced the 
treetops and illuminated the path I had lost
to my left. I looked to the angel once again 
only to find that she had disappeared into 
the night.

I never beheld the woman again, but
I do know that had it not been for
this divine intervention my path would
have ended that very day in the wood.

And though life continues to bring obstacles
and hardship I remember that night in the
forest and my legs continue to move
to the rhythm of life.