We Are the Architects

We are the Architects.
We are the masters or our life's construction.
The Wise Architect like a spider constructs
his web of destiny according to the natural blueprint.
He does not possess all knowledge 
of what the future may hold,
however his life is constructed in anticipation.
To weather any of the storms 
this life may bring his way.

The learned architect does not just build his life however,
but he also delves into his craft. 
He examines and analyzes this life 
and questions the principles of laying a sound foundation.
Only through this process can one become enlightened.
And only through this process can one become
a master of his trade.

The foolish architect on the other hand
does not question the blueprint handed to him.
He is not concerned about the origins of his skill,
or the purpose of constructing foundations.
So he does not concern himself with delving deeper
but rather pursues the construction of a grand life.
A life adorned with fleeting pleasures,
and the pursuit of the frivolous.
And it is because of this truth that when the storms of life
come to pound upon his door, much like the house upon the sand,
the life laid without a foundation crumbles
and he no longer remains the master of his life.

Ask yourself then;

Are you living a life of your construction, or a life that has been constructed for you?